Bavdhan Residents Worried Due To Cracks Developing On Chandani Chowk Flyover

Bavdhan Residents Worried Due To Cracks Developing On Chandani Chowk Flyover

Bavdhan Residents Worried Due To Cracks Developing On Chandani Chowk Flyover - Pune Pulse

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Residents of Bavdhan are in distress as cracks were developed on Chandani Chowk Flyover coming from Bavdhan to NDA side, causing serious concerns about safety of citizens & commuters.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Manish Deo, Resident of Bavdhan, said “The officials have done temporary patch work by putting tar on the cracks. However, the real question is has the audit been done or not? Will it be done later etc. The officials have said that the expansion joint will come in a week’s time after which the cracks will be permanently filled. But the cracks pose a serious threat to the citizens like tires of vehicles getting stuck in it and more. The officials said that the expansion joint, which is of iron, will be wielded and fit in the cracks for strengthening of the road. However, this should have been done before the flyover was inaugurated. No “expansion joint” is inserted in the road bump or big pothole.”

Uday Dani, Resident of Bavdhan, said “I go for a morning walk every day on NDA road. Today, I noticed some cracks developed on the flyover. I clicked some photos & circulated them in our groups & concerned persons. Soon, action started taking place for this. Patching is done temporarily. Rs 800 crores have been spent on the Chandani Chowk flyover project. However, if such situations are going to happen in just some months after the inauguration, what’s the use of the flyover?”

Sachin Gayake, Resident of Bavdhan, said “The crack developed is a highly serious issue. The bridge must be closed & audit must be done again. Only patching is done. The cracks were so deep that the under road part was also visible. The officials say that joints are going to come after 1 week. But what are the further updates like is the flyover going to be closed, what is going to be done etc. We use the flyover every day. Any commuter’s vehicle could have slipped & fatal incidents could have occurred.”

Dushyant Bhatia, Resident of Bavdhan, said “We got to know about this cracks incident today morning (25th October). The NHAI officials have come & done patch work for it. They say that the expansion joint hasn’t been installed yet which will be done once the joint arrives after which there won’t be such issue again. However, if such was the case, ten why was the flyover opened for public use in the first place? The contractor or the person responsible for this must be penalized. This is an Rs 800 crore plus project done out of taxpayers’ money. This is no joke. If such issues are happening in just 3 months after the opening of the flyover, it’s not at all good.”

Uday Bhalerao, Resident of Bavdhan, said “Today morning (25th October), a member from our Bavdhan Citizens’ Forum saw the cracks & informed the incident. The expansion joints have not been put there so big cracks developed there. If a big vehicle could have passed from there, a big problem would have happened. This shouldn’t have happened in just a short time. Temporary patchwork has been done by the NHAI. NHAI informed that the expansion joint would arrive in one week. However, the expansion joints haven’t been installed anywhere on the flyover.”

Sanjay Kadam, Project Director, NHAI Pune, said “The expansion joints have to be put under the bridge. We have placed order for expansion joints & when they arrive, we will immediately install them on under the bridge.”

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