Benefits of consuming ghee in winter; Check to know more

Pune Pulse Benefits of consuming ghee in winter; Check to know more

Benefits of consuming ghee in winter; Check to know more

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The country has been hit by a wave of cold weather, and as a result, our immunity is the first to be affected. To combat this, we often include foods in our diet that not only keep us warm but also boost our immunity. One such food is ghee, which is known for its ability to improve our immunity while providing warmth.

Experts recommend incorporating ghee into our daily diet during the winter season. However, many people are hesitant to consume ghee due to the misconception that it will make them gain weight. 

What they don’t realize is that ghee contains healthy fats that are essential for the body’s well-being. Here are a few reasons why ghee should be enjoyed and five ways to incorporate it into our daily diet.

Ghee, a traditional ingredient in Indian cuisine, has been consumed for centuries. It is known for its richness in healthy fats, providing a source of sustained energy that helps keep the body warm during colder months. Additionally, ghee is packed with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, which are essential for supporting the immune system and maintaining strong bones.

Moreover, ghee is abundant in antioxidants, which aid in detoxification and contribute to healthy skin. Its high smoke point makes it an ideal choice for cooking, as it helps preserve the nutrients in foods. By incorporating ghee into the winter diet, not only does it enhance the taste of dishes, but it also promotes overall well-being. Here are some simple ways to include ghee in your winter diet.

To incorporate ghee into your diet, the simplest method is to spread it on roti and consume it. Additionally, you can incorporate ghee into your meals by preparing stuffed parathas with it.

To incorporate ghee into your diet effortlessly, opt for cooking your meals with it. By using ghee to cook vegetables instead of refined oil, not only will you elevate their flavor, but you will also reap health advantages. Ghee aids in the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients present in vegetables.

This method offers a simple approach to incorporate ghee into your diet. Simply incorporate a single spoonful of ghee into soups, lentils, quinoa, and other grains, and relish its flavor during the winter season while maintaining your well-being.

Ghee can be enjoyed by combining it with homemade popcorn or sweet corn. Additionally, it can be utilized in the preparation of various types of Daliya and Cheela.

An alternative approach involves blending fresh turmeric and a tablespoon of clarified butter. Incorporate this mixture into a glass of milk or incorporate it into your morning coffee or tea. This method of consuming clarified butter offers numerous advantages for your overall well-being.

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