Bombay High Court Takes Cognisance of Incomplete Bakori Road in Pune ; Asks PMC, PMRDA, Urban Development Dept To File Affidavit 

Bombay High Court Takes Cognisance of Incomplete Bakori Road in Pune ; Asks PMC, PMRDA, Urban Development Dept To File Affidavit

No illegal hoardings should be put up – Bombay High Court tells citizens 

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The PIL No 7840/2023 – WAGHOLI HOUSING SOCIETIES ASSOCIATION Vs PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION THROUGH ITS COMMISSIONER AND ORS was heard on 24.01.2023 by the bench headed by the Hon’ble Chief Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya and Justice Arif S Doctor.

The bench took note of the apathy faced by the residents of the region due to the incomplete Bakori road and ordered the respondents Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, Urban Development Department, The District Collector, Town planning department – to file their affidavits by 28.02.2024. This story is about a road, which has remained only on paper for over a decade. Dreams of a better life have been ruined by fake promises of basic public infrastructure like a road.

There has been no outcome from silent protests, signature campaigns, regular meetings with MLA’s, Corporators, Municipal Commissioners, various office bearers of PMC and PMRDA and after dozens of representations since 2013 by the residents of BAKORI ROAD region of Wagholi, the authorities haven’t been able to construct the Bakori Road (Access from Pune Nagar Road going towards Bakori village). Thus, today the Bakori road neighbourhood has no road ! Therefore, left with no other option, Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA) representing the residents of the Bakori Road neighbourhood region of Wagholi was forced to approach the Bombay High Court to demand the construction of the Bakori Road.

The Bakori Road Neighbourhood is having only one unconstructed road, which exists only on proposed DP map, which has large potholes, at some places it is partially constructed making it extremely dangerous for the vehicles and walking people to commute. Development Plan for Wagholi was prepared by PMRDA, Pune Municipal Corporation and is under process of being sanctioned by the Urban Development.

Shockingly the entire Bakori road has remained unconstructed! The entire connectivity from Bakori Road neighbourhood is heavily dependent on the proposed DP road, it is remaining in an unconstructed state even after 10 years of struggle by the residents.

Fake Promises : The access road was promised by various builders and developers, while selling the apartment/flat units.

Over 8000 Flats are already constructed and around 35000 residents are living in the Bakori Road region. Due to non-construction of the Bakori Road in Wagholi the residents are suffering daily. The patch is very hazardous, and several life-threatening accidents have already taken place. Even after several representations, meetings with the Authorities and Elected representatives by the WHSA office bearers, residents of Bakori Road neighborhood, there is complete inaction from the Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA and other authorities since past 10 years. PMC & PMRDA has not even bothered to cite what is their real difficulty.

The PMC & PMRDA has authority to construct the said Bakori Road in Wagholi. The issue is affecting over 35,000 residents of the region and the residents of Pune at large. The WHSA is challenging such inaction by Pune Municipal Corporation and the PMRDA.

“It finally seems that the system is moving. Although late, but Wagholi residents are glad that honourable court has asked the accountable authorities to come and provide updates on Bakori Road in writing. Neither PMRDA nor PMC has done anything for Bakori road except for providing assurances every now and then. In democracy, citizens are supreme but when bureaucracy starts considering themselves over people, court can guide all of us. Bakori road is waiting for more than a decade and we do not want it to wait any further. Fast track responses by authorities will help us get justice and road sooner,” said Nitin kumar Jain, director, WHSA.  

“Bakori Road – Single largest among the approach roads in Wagholi with 75 + small & big housing societies is under dispute since beginning. We – WHSA- Wagholi Housing Societies Association have been following up for the Bakori road issues since 2014 to each & every civic authority, local representatives, MP, MLA but no solution received till to date. Builder lobby cheated the residents by false commitments so as sanctioning authority like PMRDA. This nexus between builders & plan sanctioning authorities-imposed death penalty to residents. The dumb & deaf system forced us to approach the High Court for final Justice,” said Sanjeev Patil Director Wagholi Housing Societies Association.

“Bakori road has been a nightmare for the residents in the area which also includes around 75+ large housing societies. The current condition of the road has become a serious death trap for the residents. The current road width only allows one side vehicle movement at a time. This situation raises a serious concern of accidents happening on the road and daily delay for the regular office commuters. Given the problems faced by daily commuters, think of issues emergency services vehicles might face in case of an emergency situation. WHSA has been pursuing this issue for many years, at various different levels right from Gram panchayat to the State government but still there has been no relief for the residents of the area. After receiving empty promises from all these institutions, finally WHSA decided to approach the Hon’ble court, we are optimistic that we will receive a positive decision from the Hon’ble court for the betterment of the Bakori road residents,” said Sandesh Shyam Lokhande, Director, WHSA.

“I have been residing in Bakori road from 6-7 years, We have put in a lot of effort to get the road constructed. In this area around 75+ housing societies are present and around 35000 residents are residing here. The road condition is very dangerous, and it’s become a serious death trap for the residents. The entire road is in an unconstructed state where vehicles are struggling like in a circus. On this road many accidents happen and still the situation remains the same. People are facing problems daily while going to the office and other works. WHSA has put a lot of effort into this issue since many year’s on different levels Grampanchayat, ZP, State government, PMRDA, PMC but still there is no valueble results for the residents of the area. Now WHSA filed PIL in high Court, hope we will get some positive results from the Hon’ble court for the Bakori road residents, said Kiran Jayram Mankawale Director, WHSA.

Speaking on behalf of the Petitioner Satya Muley, Advocate Bombay High Court said, “The PMC, PMRDA, other local authorities, builders all have shown only false promises to the residents who have put in their hard-earned money to buy their apartments in the duly sanctioned projects in Bakori Road region. In recent years the local authorities have demonstrated complete insensitivity towards the hardships faced by the common people who are regular taxpayers. Almost 35000 residents have come to reside in this region since past decade, but the Bakori Road has remained only on paper. The fundamental Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution of India guarantees full enjoyment of life, which includes the right of enjoyment of proper roads, streets. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has held – Right to life, includes civic amenities like roads etc. Without proper roads and streets, there is hindrance for the population at large to exploit their full potential of life and as the Wagholi Housing Societies Association & the residents of Bakori Road region have exhausted all other remedies, they are moving the Bombay High Court to enforce their fundamental rights.”. 


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