Brake’ on Pune-Nashik High-Speed Rail and green light for the green corridor? Know why.

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While the proposal for the Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Rail project is in the final stages of approval, the state government has approved the design of the 213 km long Pune-Nashik Green Corridor (High-Speed Rail) project. So, a question has been raised whether the High-Speed Rail and Green Corridor will be a combined or be a separate entity, or there will be controversy over a project is not known yet.

Union Ministry of Railways has prepared ‘Vision 2020’ in which there is a provision to build a semi-high speed railway between Pune-Nashik. The design of this route has been completed and has been approved by the Union Ministry of Railways and the State Government. The final approval is pending with the Union Ministry of Railways for approval.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had directed the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) to prepare a technical and financial feasibility report for the Pune to Nashik Industrial Expressway. There was a controversy over it. Then, in a meeting with the officials of the Railways, Fadnavis tried to cover up the controversy after announcing that he would speed up the high-speed rail project.

In the meantime, regarding the Pune-Nashik Green Corridor, MSRDC appointed a consultant and completed a new design for this route. Therefore, the work started simultaneously on two levels i.e. railway and industrial.

After receiving the report from the consulting company, it is said that it will be clear whether the railway and the green corridor will be done at the same place or will be implemented separately or there will be a break for the high-speed railway. Today, however, the state government approved the design of the Pune-Nashik Green Corridor. The order in this regard has been issued by the Under Secretary of Public Works Department Giribuwa.

Here are a few things about the project

213 km. Length – Pune-Nashik Corridor

Two thousand hectares – land acquisition

It will pass through the districts of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nashik

In two to two and a half hours – Pune-Nashik travel

21,158 crores – expected expenditure

Small, Medium and Heavy Industries Factories, Agricultural Institutions – Who benefits?

Cities connecting Rajgurunagar, Chakan, Manchar, Narayangaon, Alephata, Ghargaon, Sangamner and Sinnar

Why the project is necessary

Pune city is known as an information technology, industrial and cultural city, while Nashik is a market for agricultural products. A large number of IT companies have also been established in Nashik city in recent times. Both these cities have a large network of small, medium and heavy industry factories and agricultural institutions. Considering all these aspects and to connect Pune through Samriddhi Highway, MSRDC said that this Green Corridor has been proposed.

The design of the route for Pune-Nashik semi-high-speed rail has been completed and has been approved by the Union Ministry Of Railways and the state government.

It will connect Pune to Nashik in Maharashtra via 24 stations. It will run at a speed of 200km/hr and cover the distance between Pune and Nashik within two hours while passing through districts of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nashik.

The project aims to facilitate smoother communes and economic growth by boosting connectivity between Pune and Nashik. The project is also expected to create more employment and socio-economic growth in both cities.

The Green Corridor will be a long 213km stretch.

The connectivity will moreover reduce traffic congestion and will lead to better safety and a friendly environment.

Pune City is an industrial city and Nashik City is an agricultural market, and both cities have a network of small, medium and large-scale industries, this project has been initiated.  

There will however be two ways to travel, one through railway and the other through an industrial route as Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis has instructed the State Road Development Corporation to prepare a report for the feasibility of the Pune to Nashik Industrial Expressway.

This initiative will also lead to providing connectivity for the transport of coal to thermal power plants and will open a new revenue system for industries by fast-track movement of cargo by railways.

With both projects coming up together, it will be intriguing to see if both projects are implemented as planned or not.

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