Bramha Suncity residents seek help from Pune Municipal Corporation to control stray menace

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Residents of Wadgaonsheri – New Kalyani Nagar held a protest on January 26 against inaction by Pune Municipal Corporation to control stray dog menace. Bramha Suncity is one of the largest societies in Wadgaon Sheri, having close to 1300 flats, with more than 5,000 residents.

Bramha suncity residents of Vadgaonsheri in Pune held a protest against PMC due to inaction to control stray dog menace

Bramha Sun City residents are struggling with stray dog issues, where we have close to 80 stray dogs inside the society! The issue is the dogs are unsterilised and the number is increasing. The residents are facing various issues due to this. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sumit Karnik said that the protest was to make people aware that we need a fearfree environment to live. Also, PMC should conduct a sterilization and vaccination camp for the strays within the campus. He said we shall approach the civic authorities again with our issues as we are seeking result on our complaints.

Human/Dog Conflict: This has increased dog attacks and dog bite cases 

Parking Issues: All the basements parking are occupied by these territorial canines and members are not able to park their cars in basement parking as they are getting attacked by packs of dogs as and when they approach their cars. 

Damage to property: Cars/Two wheelers parked all over the society are damaged by these strays, torn two wheeler seats, and scratched cars are a common scenario where residents have to bear the brunt of huge repair costs

Walking/Strolling : Senior citizens are not able to conduct their normal walks due to the frequent attacks by strays 

Littering : Society premises are always filthy with dog poop, causing serious hygiene issues

Kid’s play areas : Kids are being regularly attacked at the designated playing areas by strays 

Health hazard : Strays in the society are carrying fleas/ticks all around and most of our basement parking areas are infested by Fleas, resulting in huge costs to the society for treatment of Fleas

Bramha Suncity residents held protest against PMC in Pune
  • Strays attacking pets: Even the pet owners of Society are terrified to take their pets out for a walk fearing these strays attacking their pets
  • Dog feeders: Most of the dog feeders in Society are not at all empathetic towards the issues faced by residents and feed strays at odd timings, which causes commotion all over the place depriving Senior Citizens of their sleep. This is causing serious health issues for the residents resulting in Amnesia and Anxiety to name a few.
  • Stray health: Even strays in our society are quite unhealthy, where these dog feeders just feed them and do not take any responsibility towards their well-being, they are not Sterilized, Vaccinated as per the AWBI schedule/guidelines. Citing the reasons above the residents had organised a protest march on 26 January, at 10:00 am to get the attention of authorities.

Renuka Suryavanshi