Bride’s Zero Waste Wedding Goes Viral, Earns Widespread Praise

Bride's Zero Waste Wedding Goes Viral, Earns Widespread Praise

Bride's Zero Waste Wedding Goes Viral, Earns Widespread Praise

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A video of a bride’s efforts to reduce her carbon footprint and have a ‘zero waste wedding’ has gone viral, earning her widespread appreciation. Indian weddings, known for their extravagance, often generate significant waste, from decorations to disposable plates. However, Dr. Poorvi Bhat found innovative ways to address these issues during her wedding, inspired by her mother’s advice.

In the viral video, which has garnered nearly 7.6 million views in just three days, Dr. Bhat explains the measures she took to minimize waste. “I do not know if this is what experts would consider a zero waste wedding, but we did not generate any plastic at the event and did everything we could to minimize our footprint. It was only because of the cooperation of our families that my dream of a zero waste wedding was possible,” she wrote.

Dr. Bhat credited her mother for the successful planning and execution of the eco-friendly wedding. “My mother was the genius behind it all; she planned and organized the whole event. It was very fulfilling for me that our union happened the way it did,” she added.

Sustainable Practices at the Wedding:

  • Mandap: Constructed from sugarcane, which was later dismantled and fed to cows.
  • Dining: Food was served on banana leaves with steel cutlery, avoiding single-use utensils.

Public Reaction:
The video has elicited a strong positive response on social media, with many users praising the bride’s initiative. Comments highlighted the cultural significance and environmental impact of her choices.

“This is how Indian weddings were supposed to be culturally,” posted an Instagram user. Another user added, “This is exactly how I want mine to be. You’re an icon.”

A wedding filmer commented on the pervasive waste at traditional weddings and expressed gratitude for the bride’s example, saying, “I am so glad to see this post, thanks guys for showing that it can be done this way too!”

Another commenter wrote, “So beautiful and such a powerful message. More power to you, this is what cultural (or any) celebrations need to look like. Meaningful and mindful.”

Dr. Bhat’s zero waste wedding serves as an inspiring example of how cultural celebrations can be both meaningful and environmentally conscious.