Bus Service Needed from Pimple Saudagar, Rahatani to Metro Stations : Writes Shatrughan Kate to PMPML

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Pune, August 5, 2023 – In a proactive move to enhance the accessibility of public transportation, former corporator Shatrughna Kate has submitted a formal request to the PMPML Transport Manager at Swargate Bus Depot. The request urges the initiation of a much-awaited metro feeder bus service connecting the Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani to Metro stations, ultimately catering to the burgeoning population of the area.

Ward No. 28, encompassing the Pimple Saudagar-Rahatani corridor, is witnessing an exponential increase in its population, estimated between 60,000 to 70,000 residents. The region boasts a rich tapestry of diversity among its inhabitants. Eager and enthusiastic, the citizens of Pimple Saudagar-Rahatani are eagerly anticipating the convenience of a metro feeder bus service.

Shatrughna Kate, ex corporator firmly believes that facilitating transportation between the residential zone and the metro station can yield substantial ridership. The provision of a well-connected feeder bus system is poised to attract a significant number of local residents, thereby contributing to the revenue stream of the metro railway.

By bridging the last-mile connectivity gap, this strategic move aligns with the overarching goal of rendering metro services more accessible and user-friendly.

Shreyas Vange 

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