Cab aggregators to pick up passengers from Aero Mall from Pune airport starting January 24

Pune: Pune Airport authority declared that all pick-ups of Ola, Uber and other commercial vehicles will be from multi-level car parking at Aero mall.

Speaking about the same, Pune Airport Director Santosh Dhoke said,‘‘To decongest the airport area we have decided to shift passenger pick-up facility to Aeromall from 24th January. We have served notices to all stakeholders and they are ready to cooperate with us.’’

Santosh Dhoke further told that, this new pick up point not only helps to decongest the traffic in the area but also helps for the safety of the passengers.”In and out timing of all cabs will be recorded in aero mall, also driver and passengers will be under CCTV surveillance, hence it will enhance the safety and security of the passengers as well,” said Santosh Dhoke.

Dhoke also clarified that strict action will be taken on people for picking up passengers near the airport gate.

As of now, pick up points of the cab aggregators are just a few minutes away from the arrival gate. Because of the limited cab occupancy at the arrival gate,drivers take a long time to reach the pick up point. Many times drivers refuse rides as well. To sort out all these issues from 24 January, all cab aggregators will pick up their passengers from Aeromall.

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