Cab parking to be prohibited in Pune airport premises

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The Pune airport administration has announced that it will be closing the designated parking areas for services of Ola and Uber at Lohgaon airport and will now be asked to use ‘multilevel parking’ at Aeromall.

This decision is aimed at reducing the traffic congestion within and around the airport premises. The airport administrations contract with both ola and uber cars for halting in airport premises will end on 26 January. Instead of this ‘Ola, Uber’ can use aeromall parking for waiting.

The move is expected to have an impact on the pick-up and drop-off process for passengers using these services and also become time consuming for travelers. Travellers will be facilitated to go from the terminal to the parking area through a foot over bridge.

” ‘ola and uber are instructed to use multilevel parking facility, it will be helpful in decongesting the Lohegaon airport premises. And also convenient for travellers also,” said Santosh Dhoke, Director of Lohegaon Airport, Pune.

Nividita Kelapure

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