Captured on Cam: Woman Principal Pulled from Chair, Forced Out of Office

Captured on Cam: Woman Principal Pulled from Chair, Forced Out of Office

Captured on Cam: Woman Principal Pulled from Chair, Forced Out of Office

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Distressing video from Prayagraj, Incident sparks social media outrage over principal’s treatment.

A disturbing video capturing the forceful removal of a principal from Bishop Johnson Girls School in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, has caused a massive uproar on social media. The footage shows staff members, including the school’s chairman, forcibly removing the principal from her chair and installing a new principal in her place.

The 2-minute and 20-second video, shared by a user on X, has garnered 199.1K views and sparked widespread outrage. Many social media users have condemned the incident, asserting that schools should not endorse such treatment.

In the video, a group of individuals enters the principal’s office and demands that she vacate her chair immediately. The former principal resists, but is eventually pulled out of her chair, and her phone is taken away. The newly appointed principal is then seated in the chair, receiving applause from those present.

“This is the scene of Bishop Johnson Girls School in Prayagraj. Here the change of principal happens similarly. First, the door is broken and the principal’s room is entered into, the principal’s chair is snatched away, he is pushed out and then the new principal is made to sit on the chair,” the user captured the video.

The video left the X users upset over the treatment of the former school principal.

“Schools have become places of business, and principals are humiliated. This is what happens when education becomes a commodity,” one user commented on the video.

“One should question motives, greed and integrity that situations are brought to this spot but those that should teach morality ethics values and educate,” another user commented

Following the incident, a case has been registered under relevant sections at Colonelganj Police Station, and investigation proceedings are underway, according to DCP City Prayagraj update on post.

“Sir take strong action. If there was a situation to change the Principal then there are processes by law and constitution to be followed”, was users response to DCP’s update