Caught breaking traffic rules in Bengaluru : Cops may tell your boss

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Caught breaking traffic rules in Bengaluru : Cops may tell your boss

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The Bengaluru police have begun informing companies about the traffic infractions committed by their employees as part of an innovative campaign to increase awareness about road safety and traffic laws.

In a unique initiative to enhance awareness about road safety and traffic laws, the Bengaluru police have initiated a campaign involving the cooperation of companies to address traffic infractions committed by their employees.

The experimental project, launched approximately 15 days ago in Bengaluru’s east division, began by flagging down employees of IT companies who were riding two-wheelers on the wrong side of the road. Subsequently, the traffic police officers compiled a list of infractions, forwarding it to the respective companies.

The Mahadevapura traffic police division, responsible for overseeing Bengaluru’s information technology corridor, is currently spearheading this campaign. Inspector Ramesh R from the Mahadevapura traffic police shared insights into the initiative, emphasizing its experimental nature. “The traffic department is collaborating with companies and tech parks within our division. We transmit the list of violations committed by riders to the companies via WhatsApp, and online challans are issued instead of spot fines,” he explained.

Importantly, the police ensure the protection of personal information, sharing only the number of violations attributed to employees of a particular company. The heads of security at businesses or tech parks are then advised to organize sessions to educate employees about traffic laws and road safety. The police may also be invited to conduct lessons on traffic laws.

The primary objective of this initiative is to foster a culture of compliance with traffic laws. By engaging companies and tech parks, the police aim to raise awareness among employees, encouraging them to consider the consequences of their actions before violating traffic regulations.

To further enhance traffic management, the traffic department gathers daily data on the influx of private vehicles entering tech parks along the IT corridor. This collaborative effort between law enforcement and corporate entities reflects a proactive approach to instilling a sense of responsibility and adherence to road safety norms within the community.

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