Caught on Camera: Munawar Faruqui faces hostility and egg attack in Mumbai, incident goes viral

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Munawar Faruqui, renowned stand-up comedian and the winner of Bigg Boss 17, recently encountered a hostile incident during a visit to a sweet shop on Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road. 

While on his way to an Iftar party, Munawar was subjected to a confrontation where eggs were thrown at him, leading to a viral video capturing the heated exchange.

The trouble reportedly began when Munawar stopped at the sweet shop to purchase desserts before attending the Iftar party. Unexpectedly, he faced hostility from a group of individuals, including a hotel owner and his workers, who allegedly verbally and physically assaulted him. 

The sweet shop owner filed a complaint, highlighting the attack with eggs being thrown at Munawar. The situation escalated further as security guards attempted to restrain Munawar, as seen in a video shared on Twitter. 

Before this incident, Munawar had faced detention during a raid at a hookah bar, where he was found smoking with friends. Although released later, the police claimed to possess video evidence of the incident.

Despite the ordeal, Munawar shared a cryptic post on social media, indicating his attempt to lighten the situation with lyrics from a song. This unexpected hostility towards a public figure, especially a Bigg Boss winner with a substantial fan following, has garnered attention and raised concerns about safety and public perception.

Munawar Faruqui, renowned for his stand-up comedy, has attracted widespread support and sympathy from his fan base following this troubling incident.