Chandrakant Patil Asks PMC to Conduct Fire Audit of Crowded Places

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In response to the increasing number of fire incidents in Pune, Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil has instructed the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the fire brigade to conduct a thorough fire audit of crowded places and narrow roads within the city.

The safety of citizens has become a growing concern due to recent fire-related incidents reported across Pune. Earlier yesterday, a fire broke out in an IT park building in the Kalyaninagar area. Fire brigade officials swiftly responded to the incident, rescuing four individuals who were trapped on the building’s terrace. A total of 50 people were rescued by the Firemen. 

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To address these concerns, the guardian minister took to social media and expressed his views. He stated, “A few days ago, there was a major fire in a furniture warehouse in the Timber Market, resulting in significant damage. Recently, there was another incident where a warehouse storing paper and cartons in the market yard caught fire. The firefighters have managed to bring the situation under control. Considering these frequent incidents, I have instructed the Municipal Corporation and the Fire Department to conduct fire audits of crowded areas and similar locations throughout the city.”

The directive aims to proactively identify potential fire hazards and implement necessary safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future. By conducting comprehensive fire audits, the PMC and the fire brigade can ensure the safety of Pune’s residents and mitigate the risks associated with fire emergencies.

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