Cheti chand celebrations to be held in Wanowrie on March 22 

The Sindhi New Year of Cheti Chand begins on the 22nd, it is the first day of the year. In honour of that, the Thakur Foundation of Wanwadi is celebrating a pious ceremony in the Vimla Jivan Jhulelal Hindu Mandir & Amruteshwar Mandir in Azad Nagar. 

The event will consist of arti, entertainment and langar prasad. In Sindhi culture, it celebrates the birth of Ishtdev Jhulelal, who saved them from being forcefully converted to Islam in 1007 by convincing the Muslim ruler Mirkshah to give up this venture. Jhulelal is said to be a form of Varun Dev, the God of water. Sindhis honour this by taking Baharana Sahib, a representation of Jhulelal, to a bank of a river or lank.

Baharana Sahib has Jhulelal made out of atta along with diya jyot, misiri, cardamom and fruits. 

Committee Member Anmol Thakur of Thakur Foundation says that a special entertainment group made of Bhagat Laxmichandji, Bharat Shamnani and Master Rocky Dancer and Ravi Sharma are especially coming from Kota, Rajasthan to grace the event. It will also have a fancy dress competition for kids dressed in Sindhi attire only for those under 12 years of age. 

Thakur Foundation, which was established in 2007, has regularly held this event every year with the exception of the pandemic years when only prayers were conducted. They also manage several Dharamshalas to provide residence and help for those coming far from the city. An occasion of joy and faith, Cheti Chand is a beautiful experience for all religious communities and sects. 

Shriya Simran Pradhan  

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