Church of God youth appreciate help by fire fighters from Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

Church of God youth appreciate help by fire fighters from Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

Church of God youth appreciate help by fire fighters from Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

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ASEZ WAO, an office worker youth volunteer group, cleans up the local environment and provides consolation to the fire department

On the 31st, warm smiles were in full bloom at the Pimpri Chinchwad Fire Station located in Haveri, Pune City. This is because the international volunteer organization ASEZ WAO visited firefighters who are responsible for the lives and safety of local residents and offered comfort and support. Prior to this, on the 28th, the ‘7734th Global Environmental Cleanup Movement’ was held as part of the ‘Green Earth’ project to provide clean streets to neighbors. ASEZ WAO is a youth volunteer group of office workers of the World Mission Society Church of God (Chairman Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, hereinafter referred to as the Church of God).

On the morning of the 31st, 60 people, including ASEZ WAO members, family members, colleagues, seniors and juniors, visited the fire station. They met with firefighters and delivered handwritten letters expressing their gratitude and respect and a box of loving snacks. In addition, they provided a time of healing by singing the song ‘You Raise Me Up’. Afterwards, they participated in first aid training conducted directly by firefighters.

An AESZ WAO official said, “Young people came together to support the firefighters who rush to the scene when a fire or accident occurs and save the lives of citizens. We hope that firefighters, who are the ‘heroes’ of citizens, will also be healthy and happy this year. . “This will be the heart of not only ASEZ WAO but all Pune citizens,” he said. Member Rosanne Lazarus  (age 24) cheered on the firefighters, saying, “I am truly grateful to the firefighters for their hard work and dedication. I hope this event brings you much comfort and new strength.”.
P.C.M.C Additional Commissioner  PRADEEP JAMBHALE PATIL  encouraged all the volunteers, saying, “ Thank you so much for helping us with what we need to do. Of course I support your volunteer activities.”. Fire Brigade P.C.M.C Sub-Officer ANIL BAPURAO DIMBLE  expressed his gratitude saying, “ Thank you so much for organizing such a touching event.”.
On the 28th, about 200 ASEZ WAO members, their families, and colleagues carried out ‘Green Earth’ activities to improve the local environment at BT Kawade Road Bridge, Ghorpadi, Bhagwan, Pune. Volunteers meticulously inspected a 2km section of the area and collected various household waste such as cigarette butts, scraps of paper, food wrappers, and plastic cups and straws. The trash picked up over an hour and a half filled 1.5ton of garbage. The local residents responded with bright expressions when this place, which usually had a lot of indiscriminately discarded trash due to the high floating population, was transformed into a comfortable place.
Assistant Municipal Commissioner, P.M.C.  Indrayani Karche Gaikwad provided all cleaning supplies, including brooms, hand gloves, and garbage bags, and mobilized a garbage truck to clean up after the cleanup activity was over help for youth volunteer members.
ASEZ WAO has continuously carried out environmental cleanup activities in various places in Pune that are frequently visited by citizens, including Dr. Helenkelar Path, Salunke Vihar Road, and Wagheshwar Garden. , During the COVID-19 pandemic, they visited hospitals, police stations, and government offices to deliver comfort and support through handwritten letters and snacks to medical staff and public officials on the front lines of quarantine. They warmly welcomed the local community by delivering groceries to orphanages. These activities are active not only in Pune but also in various states such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Telangana.

The young people’s pure passion for volunteer work was shown by people from all walks of life in the country, including Maharashtra’s Minister of Social Justice and Special Support, Chhattisgarh’s Health Minister, and Mayors of Ahmadnagar and Vasaivirar, expressing their support by awarding merit awards and letters of appreciation. .

ASEZ WAO, which means ‘Save the Earth from A to Z, We Are One Family,’ considers humanity as a global family. To achieve sustainable development of the Earth, our home, we are carrying out ‘Green Earth’ activities not only in Korea but also in various countries such as Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In addition, we are carrying out climate change response projects such as ‘No More GPGP’, which collects plastic waste to preserve the global environment, ‘Mother’s Forest’, which creates a green forest, and ‘Blue Ocean’, which preserves the marine ecosystem. Starting from the workplace where we spend most of our day, we also participate in the ‘Green Workplace’ of 12 challenges such as ‘using public transportation’, ‘riding a bicycle’, and ‘using a handkerchief’ to practice water conservation, power conservation, and conservation.

ASEZ WAO received a gold medal from the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award for sincere and dedicated service, a plaque of appreciation from the Governor of Junin in Peru, a certificate of appreciation from the mayor of Port Phillip in Australia, and a gold medal from the Green Apple Award. The Church of God, the foundation of this organization, is a global church established in over 7,500 locations in 175 countries. 3.7 million believers believe in ‘Father God’ and ‘Mother God’ based on the Bible. It is known as the only church that observed the ‘New Covenant Passover’ and restored the original form of the early church of Jesus Christ. We conducted nearly 27,000 volunteer activities in various fields, including blood donation, disaster relief, helping underprivileged neighbors, educational support, and cultural activities. Governments and organizations from countries including Korea, the United States, and Brazil highlighted the value of volunteerism by awarding awards over 4,200 times.

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