CMRS team begins inspection of Pune Metro line 1 stretch from Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi

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The Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi section of Pune Metro Line 1 was thoroughly inspected by a team from the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) on Friday (January 4).

The CMRS crew examined the metro stations to ensure their functionality and safety. It examined several elements, including escalators, lifts and staircases, to make sure they complied with regulations. It will evaluate amenities such as restrooms, ramps and signage for both regular and passengers with disabilities. In addition to testing the fire prevention system, which includes smoke detectors and fire alarms, the team practised a mock drill to assess the staff’s preparedness to manage the crisis and evacuate patrons from the metro station.

A senior Pune Metro official said that on Thursday night, a group from the CMRS made their way to Pune. It began inspecting the metro extension on Friday and concentrated on problems about safety. The inspection could take up to seven days. They will address any suggestions or queries raised by the team during the inspection. It might require some time. They can begin operations on this stretch once the final safety certificate is issued and everything satisfies the CMRS’s safety standards. It’ll require some time.

The Maha-Metro is in charge of running the Pune Metro. The Pune Metro Line 1 currently runs between the metro stations of Vanaz and Ruby Hall Clinic; the section between Ruby Hall Clinic and Ramwadi is not yet operational. The Maha-Metro tested the Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stretch in October 2023.

Since last year, Maha-Metro has been attempting to obtain CMRS approval for the Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stretch; however, the delay was brought on by problems with the stairs at Yerawada metro station. After receiving approval from CMRS, passenger services on the Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stretch of Pune Metro line 1 will commence, following the completion of construction by Maha-Metro.