Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Railway Work Is Progressing : Ajit Pawar orders Swift Action

Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Railway Work Is Progressing : Ajit Pawar orders Swift Action

Shirdi Included in New Route for Nashik-Pune Semi High-Speed Rail Project, Says Deputy Chief Minister(representation image)

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The path to the ‘semi-high-speed’ railway line between Pune and Nashik is set to be smooth, with Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar taking a keen interest in the project upon assuming power.

Following his review, officials have been directed to promptly investigate and ensure the state government’s commitment to complete the project.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Thursday clarified that the state government will complete the pending Pune-Nashik semi-high speed railway line which has been stalled for the last few years. Pawar indicated that the plan of this project has been approved by the state cabinet and the way for the acquisition of the site will be cleared soon. Pawar gave this information to the officials of various departments in the ‘Deputy Chief Minister’s Project Control Room’ meeting held on Thursday. 

It is worthy to note that the Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Rail route has been pending for months. This project was decided to be completed by the state government company ‘MAHARAIL’. This plan was approved in principle by Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav. However, as the Union Cabinet did not approve this plan, the train of this project did not come on track.

Pawar reviewed the project after coming to power. The state government will complete the project and ordered the officials to investigate it. Also, instructions were given for submitting proposals. According to this, Pawar again instructed ‘MAHARAIL’ to prepare a new plan.

According to the plan, this project will be financially beneficial to the state government. 

The finance ministry had given a report that the economic situation of the state could be shaken. Therefore, it was decided that this project should be done by the Central Railway Ministry instead of the State Government. Accordingly, it was said that the Ministry of Railways has approved the plan for this project in the last fortnight. Officials expressed confidence that the project will speed up. However, in the meeting held on Thursday, Ajit Pawar clarified that the project will be carried out by the state government. 

It was also said in this meeting that steps will be taken for land acquisition by the State Road Development Association.