Commuters Demand EMU Services Over MEMU On Pune Daund Rail Route

Commuters Demand EMU Services Over MEMU On Pune Daund Rail Route

Commuters Demand EMU Services Over MEMU On Pune Daund Rail Route

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Commuters traveling on the Pune-Daund railway route are voicing their dissatisfaction with the current Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) train service, urging the railway administration to prioritize Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains instead.

Since May 13, 2024, the Railway administration has deployed MEMU trains on the Pune-Daund section, citing the routine maintenance of Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMU) in Matunga, Mumbai, as the reason for the change.

Regular passengers between these stations have expressed their discontent with the MEMU service, considering it a temporary fix. They are calling for the swift implementation of a long-pending proposal to designate Pune-Daund as a suburban section.

The proposal, which has been pending with the Railway Board since June 2023, advocates for the initiation of Suburban EMU local services in the section, a move essential for granting suburban status.

Optimism arose among passengers when the Railway Board decided to include 24 stations, including Daund Junction, from the Solapur Division into the Pune Division, effective from April 1. Many hoped this would pave the way for EMU services in Daund.

Commuters, particularly those traveling from Daund to Pune for work or study, have voiced their concerns about the temporary nature of the MEMU service. They emphasize the need for a permanent solution, highlighting the limitations of MEMU trains, such as the absence of ladies, first-class, divyang, and luggage coaches, as well as insufficient speed to cover the distance effectively.

Dr. Ramdas Bhise, Senior Divisional Operation Manager of the Pune Railway Division, acknowledged the demand for EMU services from Daund and confirmed that the proposal had been forwarded to the Railway Board. He explained that the current use of MEMU was due to the DEMU undergoing maintenance in Mumbai.

Pramod Ubale, Executive President of the Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group, emphasized the advantages of EMU trains over MEMU, particularly in terms of frequency, speed, and accommodation for various passenger categories.

Echoing these sentiments, Abhishek Sonavale, a member of the SCC in Pune Division, stressed that MEMUs were merely a temporary substitute for DEMUs undergoing maintenance. He reiterated the necessity of reinstating EMU local services for a lasting solution to commuter hardships.

In conclusion, the demand for EMU services on the Pune-Daund rail route persists among commuters, who view it as essential for addressing their daily travel needs effectively and comfortably.