Countries with maximum Indian population other than India

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Investigating the world diaspora as we examine the nations outside of India that have the largest populations of Indians. Here is a list of nations where a sizable Indian population can be found, ranging from the dynamic cultural hub of Mauritius to the busy Indian communities in the UK, UAE, Singapore, and other places. There’s a ‘mini India’ in most of these locations where Indian tourists can find a home away from home.

· Mauritius

The fact that about 70% of people in Mauritius are Indian is incredibly fascinating; it creates a cultural oasis where having Indian food and lively vibes seems like a natural fit. Furthermore, Mauritius’s affordability adds even more allure, making it a well-rounded option for a place to call home.

· United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is notable for its close cultural ties to India, as evidenced by the numerous Indian eateries, shops, and cultural aspects dispersed throughout the country. This cultural diversity helps you feel completely at home, even when you’re far away, rather than just evoking a sense of familiarity.

· United Arab Emirates

One of the main reasons the Emirates is so hospitable to Indians is that it is home to the largest Indian diaspora. Because of this wide diaspora, it is common to come across an Indian who is willing to help and make you feel at home wherever you go in the Emirates.

· Saudi Arabia

Surprisingly, a significant portion of Indian expatriates reside in Saudi Arabia; they make up between 10% and 13% of the country’s total population. Indians assimilate into Saudi society with relative ease, as evidenced by the growing expat community.

· Canada

Reputably regarded as one of the greatest places to live and travel, Canada draws Indians with attractive employment prospects, high living standards, and the bonus of free healthcare facilities.

· Oman

By 2023, Oman—whose Indian expat population makes up about 20% of the country’s total population—will have served as a second home to about 9 lakh Indians. The vibrant cultural tapestry of Oman is enhanced by the significant presence of Indian culture.

· Singapore

Singapore’s “Little India” neighbourhood is one of the ways the city-state embraces Indian culture. This enclave adds to the rich diversity of Singapore’s multicultural society by acting as a central location for everything related to India. The number of Indian residents in Singapore has increased to 7 lakhs as of 2023.

· United States of America

The Indian diaspora in the USA is the second largest in the world, with a thriving community of over 2–7 million people. Indians living in the United States find it helpful for establishing a sense of identity in this large and diverse country as well as for pursuing business and career goals.

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