Court directs Boney Kapoor to deposit bank guarantee for ‘Maidaan’ payment dues case

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Producer Boney Kapoor has been directed by the court to deposit a bank guarantee, along with interest, within eight days in the ongoing ‘Maidaan’ payment dues case. The legal action stems from Ninad Nayampally, a camera equipment supplier, who moved the court against non-payment of dues for the film. 

Namrata Biyawat, representing Nayampally, stated that Kapoor and his team must deposit a bank guarantee for the principal amount plus interest at 21% per annum within the stipulated time frame. Biyawat highlighted that Kapoor had admitted liability for the unpaid dues both personally and publicly, indicating a clear obligation. 

This ruling not only resolves the financial aspect but also establishes a precedent for contractual agreements in the film industry. However, Kapoor’s lawyer, Ameet Naik, countered, stating that seeking injunctions on the eve of film releases is a common tactic used by litigants. While the court refused to grant an injunction, it ordered Kapoor to furnish a bank guarantee, which Naik plans to challenge. 

Naik emphasized that Kapoor has never denied payment of the principal amount and remains willing to settle the dues. He asserted that determining liability for interest requires a trial and cannot be determined prima facie. Despite the legal proceedings, the film ‘Maidaan’ is set for release, unaffected by the ongoing dispute.