CSK Fan Who Paid Rs 64,000 to Watch Dhoni Struggles to Cover Daughters’ School Fees

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In a viral video, a dedicated Chennai Super Kings (CSK) fan confessed to spending a hefty sum of Rs. 64,000 on IPL tickets just to catch a glimpse of MS Dhoni in action. 

However, the revelation that he hadn’t yet paid his daughters’ school fees sparked a debate online, with many questioning his priorities. Despite the excitement of witnessing Dhoni on the field with his daughters, the fan’s decision to prioritize cricket over his children’s education received criticism. 

“That’s the reason ticket sales should be regulated”

“This person is from different world of stupidity,” remarked one user. 

A third commenter added, “Dhoni will himself be disappointed by your approach. Please pay your children school fee rather than spending money to watch Dhoni.”

However, some argued that the video didn’t necessarily imply that the father couldn’t afford to pay the fees and instead spent it on IPL tickets; it was simply an expression of his joy.

 “This guy didn’t mean he cannot afford to pay school fees, these days buying an IPL ticket is reachable only for the rich. Spending 64k on IPL tickets means he can lavishly spend on entertainment. So don’t feel pity for people like this and make it a discussion” opined one commenter

While some argued that the video may not necessarily imply financial incapacity but rather an expression of joy, others emphasized the importance of fulfilling parental responsibilities. 

“As a father, he knows what makes their kid happy. It’s a once in a lifetime memorable experience which will be remembered throughout their life.”

Sir, he didn’t say he doesn’t have money. He says we will do it later,” added another

As CSK celebrated a victory against Kolkata Knight Riders, the incident raised concerns about the balance between passion for cricket and essential obligations.