Delhi consumer court penalizes Amazon and retailer for delayed Laptop refund

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The Delhi Consumer Court recently made a significant ruling against Amazon and a retailer, imposing a penalty of ₹45,000 for the prolonged delay in issuing a refund for a faulty laptop. 

This decision came following a complaint lodged by a customer who faced substantial delays in receiving a refund, citing it as a clear case of “deficiency in service” by Amazon. 

According to reports from News Agencies, the Delhi East District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, which oversaw the case, justified the fine by asserting that Amazon holds the responsibility to ensure the sale of authentic, defect-free products and to promptly address any issues related to faulty items or refunds.

The commission criticized Amazon’s handling of the situation, labeling the delay as an “unfair trade practice” that ultimately leaves customers without proper evidence of the returned item. The customer’s complaint also highlighted the absence of a receipt provided by Amazon upon the return of the laptop, further exacerbating their dissatisfaction with the company’s service. 

Amazon’s response to the complaint fell short, as the company’s written statement was submitted after the statutory period, leading the commission to disregard it and prevent the company from presenting additional evidence in its defense. Furthermore, the retailer involved in the transaction failed to appear before the commission, despite being served a notice to do so.

In its ruling, the commission underscored the deficiencies in Amazon’s grievance redressal mechanism, noting a lack of transparency regarding the details of its officers or the seller involved in the transaction. The commission highlighted that the laptop in question was delivered on October 29, 2021, and picked up for return ten days later, despite a return request being made on the day of delivery. 

The commission specifically directed Amazon to make provisions for handing over receipts of pick-up items to customers and asked it to display on its website details of officers dealing with customer grievances.

This case sheds light on the importance of timely and effective customer service in e-commerce platforms and the legal repercussions companies may face for failing to meet these standards.

(With Inputs from News Agency)
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