“Don’t Defame My Daughter Like This,” Says Ashi’s Grieving Mother After Pune Porsche Accident

"Don't Defame My Daughter Like This," Says Ashi's Grieving Mother After Pune Porsche Accident

"Don't Defame My Daughter Like This," Says Ashi's Grieving Mother After Pune Porsche Accident

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Ashi Koshta, a software engineer from Jabalpur, tragically died in a car accident involving a Porsche in Pune. The incident has left her family and community in deep mourning. Ashi’s parents, who spoke to the media, expressed their grief and anger over the way some media reports have portrayed their daughter. They strongly objected to references describing Ashwini and her colleague Aneesh as a “couple.”

Ashwini Koshta, affectionately known as Ashi, was a software engineer who lost her life in a horrific accident along with her colleague Aneesh Awadhiya. The accident occurred in Pune when a minor, driving a Porsche recklessly, struck them near Kalyani Nagar. Ashi died on the spot. Her last rites were performed at Gaurighat in Jabalpur on May 21, amidst a heartbroken family and community.

On May 22, Ashi’s parents voiced their objection to the media’s portrayal of their daughter and Aneesh. Ashwini’s mother stated, “Not every boy and girl working in the same institution are a couple. Our daughter is gone, but now the media should not address her with such words.” Her parents emphasized that such reports are defaming their daughter’s memory.

Ashi’s family is struggling to come to terms with the loss. Her father, Suresh Kumar Kosta, works as an office assistant in the electricity department in Jabalpur, while her brother, Samprit, is a software engineer in Bengaluru. Ashi had been working in Pune for the last two years and had previously worked for Amazon before joining Johnson Controls.

The accident has not only shattered Ashi’s family but has also raised serious questions about road safety and parental responsibility. The minor involved in the accident was immediately taken into custody by the police. During interrogation, he reportedly revealed that his father, Vishal Agarwal, was aware of the liquor party and had permitted it.

As the family of Ashi tries to cope with their immense loss, they urge the media to respect their daughter’s memory and refrain from spreading misinformation.