Drone Menace: Pune police orders anti-drone guns

Drone Menace: Pune police orders anti-drone guns

Drone Menace: Pune police orders anti-drone guns

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In recent weeks, the eastern parts of the Pune district have been abuzz with reports of mysterious drones hovering in the night skies, causing concern among residents. Messages, photos, and videos circulating on social media have amplified the unease, prompting the Pune rural police to take action.

According to a press release issued by the police on Saturday, the presence of drones at night has left residents jittery and confused, raising questions about their purpose and legality. In response, the Pune rural police have undergone training under experts to effectively neutralize these unauthorized drones using ‘anti-drone guns.’

The police plan to submit a proposal to the Pune district planning committee seeking approval for the purchase of two anti-drone guns from a private company. These specialized tools are designed to safely bring down drones flying illegally, providing law enforcement with a means to combat the issue.

Addressing the public’s concerns, the police have urged citizens to refrain from spreading rumours and misinformation about drones without verifying the facts. They emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and avoiding unnecessary panic while investigations into the matter are ongoing.

The proposal for anti-drone guns marks a proactive step by the Pune rural police to address the growing issue of nighttime drone activity.

By investing in specialized equipment and training, law enforcement aims to maintain safety and security in the region, ensuring that residents can go about their lives without fear of unauthorized drone surveillance or disturbance.