Eclipse, Kojagiri on same day, know if you can drink milk ?

Eclipse, Kojagiri on same day, know if you can drink milk ?

Eclipse, Kojagiri on same day, know if you can drink milk ?- Pune Pulse

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During Kojagiri Poornima, it is customary to remain awake and worship Goddess Lakshmi, known as ‘Ko Jagarati’ when she wanders the earth. 

After the moon rises, its reflection in milk is observed and consumed. According to Nagesh Murtikar Guruji, both Indra and Lakshmi should be worshipped at midnight on Kojagiri as they are deities of wealth. 

Those who stay awake and perform the puja are said to please Goddess Lakshmi and receive her blessings.

On the night of Sharad Purnima, it is customary to worship the moon and offer curdled milk as Lord Krishna’s Maharasa Krida lasted until this day and was witnessed by the moon providing cool light. 

The lunar eclipse will begin on Saturday, October 28, around 11:31 PM in India and at around 1:05 AM on Sunday (Indian Standard Time – IST), darker part of the Earth’s shadow or umbra will cover the lunar phase. On Sunday, October 29, the lunar eclipse will begin at 1:05 AM and end at 2:24 AM — lasting for approximately 1 hour and 19 minutes.

On Kojagiri Purnima, the reflection of the moon is observed in curdled milk and consumed as prasad. According to Mr. Barahate Guruji, on Sharad Purnima day, the moon is reflected by 16 kalagunas, and its rays are believed to be like nectar. The milk falling on these rays is considered to have the power to eliminate diseases, and consuming it is believed to provide the benefits of Amritprashana.

During Kojagiri Purnima, when the moon reaches its midpoint, it is believed that its reflection can be seen in curdled milk, which is then consumed as prasad. Barahate Guruji explains that throughout the year, the moon’s reflection is influenced by 16 kalagunas on Sharad Purnima day. When the milk falls under these moonlit rays, it supposedly takes on the properties of nectar, providing devotees with the benefits of Amritprashana.


One belief behind consuming milk during this time is that it possesses the power to ward off various diseases. Srinivas Aundhkar, director of MGM APJ Abdul Kalam Astrospace Science Centre, explains that the distance between the moon and the earth decreases in October-November. During a full moon, the moon is much closer to the earth than usual. On this particular night, the moon appears larger and illuminates the earth with more light. As the monsoon season comes to an end, there is a reduction in the amount of dust particles in the atmosphere. When the moon is at its center, its rays fall in a straight line, increasing its brightness. This allows individuals to feel its coolness and encourages them to stay awake at night.

According to Dharma Shastra, it is customary to perform worship during an eclipse. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone worship Indra, Chandra, and Lakshmi as they do every year, and also offer curdled milk as part of the ritual. However, the curdled milk prasad should not be consumed immediately. It is advised to consume the prasad on the following day. Additionally, it is important to include Tulshipatra or darbha while making the offering to the moon, as it ensures that no mistakes are made as shared by Guruji.