Two Innocent Lives Lost: In-Depth Look at Pune Porsche Car Accident

Pune Porsche case: Police conduct ‘Crash Impact Assessment’ with Army officials

Pune Porsche case: Police conduct ‘Crash Impact Assessment’ with Army officials

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The residents of Pune find themselves engulfed in shock and sorrow following the heart-wrenching events that unfolded in the wee hours of Sunday, robbing the community of two young souls. The swift actions of locals led to the apprehension of the driver, identified as Vedant Agarwal, and his companions.

Ashwini Koshta tragically lost her life on the spot, while Aneesh Awadhiya succumbed to his injuries during treatment. Their promising futures were cut short in a devastating collision between a speeding Porsche and their motorcycle on the bustling streets of Kalyani Nagar. 

Vedant had visited Cosie bar as well as Blak Club at Marriott Suites in Koregaon Park before the accident. 

Eyewitnesses at the scene described the horrifying sight of the Porsche barreling down the road at speeds exceeding 150 km per hour, devoid of proper number plates, before colliding with the unsuspecting victims. 

The incident was so terrifying that Ashwini Koshta, who was sitting behind, was thrown about 10 to 15 feet in the air and fell down. She died on the spot due to head injury.

Despite being rushed to Sahyadri Hospital in Yerawada, both were declared dead on arrival. Their bodies were kept at the hospital before being transferred to Sassoon General Hospital for post-mortem. 

Both victims hailed from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, with Ashwini recently graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Aneesh earning his BE in Computer Science. Ashwini had recently quit her job and planned to return to her hometown. 

Upon hearing the tragic news, her parents and younger brother traveled by road from Jabalpur to Nagpur and then flew to Pune. Mamta Koshta, her mother was inconsolable as she caught a final glimpse of her daughter at the Sassoon Hospital mortuary.

Adding to the distress is the distressing revelation that the accused, a 17-year-old, was granted bail within just 14 hours of the catastrophic accident.

The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. The accused is the son of a prominent Pune builder Vishal Agarwal of Bramha Realty. 

Reportedly, the minor had recently cleared his 12th-grade examinations from a CBSE board school and opted to commemorate the occasion with his companions. It has come to light that the minor’s father had recently procured a brand-new Porsche car, which had not yet undergone registration with the RTO and therefore lacked a license plate. The minor opted to drive this vehicle to the venue and subsequently intended to drive it back home post-celebration. 

Regrettably, his reckless driving led to a loss of control near Landmark Society in Kalyaninagar – Airport Road, culminating in the collision with the motorcycle

The Pune Police had earlier announced their intent to prosecute the builder for permitting his underage son to operate a vehicle that resulted in the tragic fatalities. Additionally, legal action will be taken against the owner of the bar in Koregaon Park, where the minor was served alcohol.

His release on bail, under conditions that include penning a 300-page essay on the ‘Effect of road accidents and their solutions,’ parental supervision, and mandatory counseling, has left citizens outraged and questioning the administration of justice.

Initially, Vedanta was dramatized as a minor. It didn’t last long either. Just like the Salman Khan hit and run case, the driver was framed, but the eyewitnesses stood up for the dead young man and woman. He gave the police video evidence that the car was being driven by Vishal Agrawal’s son and the driver was sitting on the side. Here even those pursuing the action were being offered to remain silent.

Finally the Yerwada police registered a case against the boy and arrested him. In many cases showing late arrest, the accused is kept in custody for a day with the aim of keeping him in fear of the law.

While the accused was pampered and treated to VIP privileges, the kin of the deceased struggled for police assistance

“He was being served fast food and was being allowed to sleep. A local MLA was involved in his case. When we requested the police to file a case and conduct a medical examination of the suspect, they became unnecessarily angry and threatened us with cases. Moreover, when our friends came forward as eyewitnesses, they threatened to detain them and subject them to an alcohol test “— Paras Soni, Aneesh ’s cousin

Police investigation has revealed that the accused minor went to a party with his friends at Q Bar and Cafe in Koregaon Park before the accident which took place at 2.30 am on Sunday in Kalyani Nagar. The preliminary blood test report of the minor boy, whose Porsche collided with a bike, does not indicate alcohol consumption. 

Interestingly, his driver was also with him. However, the minor forced himself to drive the car and an accident took place. The question has been raised as to how the boy was permitted to the bar even though he was a minor.

CCTV footage from the scene of the accident vividly depicts the accused over-speeding at a staggering 150-200 km/h on busy streets. Yet, shockingly, the court deemed it fit to grant bail under these flimsy conditions, sparking widespread disbelief.

The incident has rattled the community, prompting demands for accountability and justice. Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta, both 24, were the victims of this tragic incident. Their lives were abruptly cut short by the reckless actions of the accused, leaving their families shattered and seeking answers.

The incident has sparked calls for accountability at various levels. Pune builder Vishal Agarwal, accused of permitting his underage son to drive the luxury car, faces demands for immediate arrest and prosecution. 

Residents of Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar came together to offer condolences for the tragic deaths of Ashwini Koshta and Anees Awadhiya. In response, residents held a candlelight vigil at the bus stop outside Landmark Garden on East Avenue, Kalyani Nagar. This act of remembrance, marked by the lighting of candles, reflects the community’s hope that authorities will recognize their grief and take steps to enforce stricter rules and regulations. The incident has garnered significant attention in the city, particularly because the driver was granted bail just 15 hours after the accident, raising public concern and outrage.

Finally, police have registered a case against his father for allowing him to drive the car as well as the club owner for serving liquor to the minor boy.

Additional Commissioner of Police (East region) Manoj Patil remarked, “We will apply IPC 304 in this case and ensure it is tried under adult jurisdiction as per the Juvenile Justice Board and the new Criminal Amendment Act of 2013 under the Criminal Procedure Code.

The role of law enforcement in handling the case has also come under intense scrutiny, with allegations of preferential treatment and leniency towards the accused. The Yerwada police, accused of mishandling the investigation and facilitating Vedant’s swift bail, are facing calls for accountability and reform.

Amid growing concerns over underage drinking and reckless driving, the Pune Excise Department has taken decisive action by filing chargesheets against two bar owners implicated in the case. The move reflects a commitment to holding establishments accountable for their role in facilitating such preventable tragedies.

Over alleged preferential treatment in a high-profile case, Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has declared unwavering commitment to upholding justice and accountability. Amid reports of special privileges afforded to the accused, the son of a prominent builder involved in a fatal accident, Kumar has vowed to take decisive action against any misconduct within the ranks of the Yerwada police station.

Expressing grave concern over the purported delivery of pizzas and burgers to the police premises for the accused, Kumar underscored the seriousness of the allegations. He warned of potential mass suspensions of officers found complicit in providing preferential treatment, emphasizing the imperative of maintaining integrity and impartiality in law enforcement.

In a bid to ensure transparency and impartiality in the investigation, Kumar announced the assignment of the case to an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) rank officer. To safeguard against any potential tampering or misuse of evidence, two blood samples from the accused have been dispatched to different laboratories for analysis.

Assuring the citizens of Pune of the police force’s commitment to professionalism and diligence, Kumar emphasized that strict action would be taken against all individuals implicated in the case, irrespective of external pressures or influences. He reiterated that the accused’s consumption of alcohol, substantiated by CCTV footage from the clubs visited prior to the accident, would be thoroughly investigated and factored into the legal proceedings. 

As the community mourns the loss of Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta, there is a collective call for action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The tragic loss of two young lives serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for systemic reforms and stricter enforcement of laws pertaining to underage drinking, reckless driving, and road safety.

As a community, we must demand justice for Ashwini Koshta, Aneesh Awadhiya, and their grieving families. We must call for stricter enforcement of laws regarding underage driving and alcohol consumption. Let us stand together in solidarity and demand accountability, for the sake of those we have lost and for the safety of our community.