Pune: Crane installed on top floor of Tain Square society in Wanowrie collapses, damages compound wall 

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In a distressing incident on May 20, 2024, a crane crashed in the Tain Square Society, w

Wanowrie, Pune, as a result of today’s heavy rain and strong winds. The crane, which had been a fixture in the society for the past 15-18 years, toppled over, causing significant damage and raising serious safety concerns among residents.

Incident Overview 

The crane, owned by builder Tanveer Inamdar, son of P A Inamdar, had been left on the site long after the completion of the construction work. Despite repeated requests from the residents of Tain Square Society for its removal, the builder failed to take action. The severe weather today, with heavy rains and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, finally caused the crane to collapse around 6:15 PM, informed society residents. 

Impact and Casualties

The collapse led to considerable damage to property within the society. Society compound was crushed under the falling crane, and parts of the nearby garden area suffered  damage. Fortunately no injuries to humans was reported. 

Society compound was crushed under the falling crane, and parts of the nearby garden area suffered damage. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but all society members were horrified with the scary event.

Resident Concerns and Builder Negligence

Residents have long been concerned about the potential danger posed by the abandoned crane. Numerous communications were made to Tanveer Inamdar, urging him to remove the crane as a precautionary safety measure. However, these appeals were ignored, and the crane remained in place, creating an ongoing risk to the community, alleged residents.  

One resident, Khan, expressed his frustration, “We’ve been asking the builder to remove the crane for years, but it felt on deaf ears. This accident was waiting to happen. Such negligence is inexcusable.”

Call for Action : 

The incident has sparked outrage among the residents and the wider community, with many calling for strict action against the builder. The residents demand accountability and are urging the Pune Municipal Corporation and the police to take stringent measures against Tanveer Inamdar for his inaction and disregard for safety.

Societies committee member addressed the incident, stating, “This tragic event highlights a serious lapse in safety and responsibility. We will conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Builders who neglect the safety of residents must face severe consequences.”

Conclusion : 

The crane crash in Tain Square Society is a grim reminder of the potential hazards posed by neglected construction equipmenut by builder. The negligence of the builder, despite repeated warnings, has led to unnecessary harm and distress for the residents. The community now looks to the authorities to deliver justice and implement stronger safety regulations to protect citizens from similar dangers in the future. 

Pune Pulse couldn’t reach the builder for any comment on the incident.