Electricity supply of 5 societies on NIBM road kept shut due to excess water in basement

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18th October 2022 – On Monday night, due to heavy rain similar to cloudburst, led to water accumulation in various areas. Low lying areas particularly in Kondhwa faced severe power disruptions as the electricity panels are fitted in the basement parking areas which got flooded due to heavy rains.

The power supply has been restored in the several flooded areas of the city. However, there is still water on the ground floor of five societies in the NIBM area under Rastapeth division where there are meter boxes and meter sets. Therefore, power supply has been temporarily shut down to avoid potential danger, giving priority to power safety.

Water accumulated in the basement of The Latitude society on NIBM road

The names of these societies are Saidarshan, The Latitude, Archana Castle, Brahma Majestic and Manish Plaza in NIBM area. The work of removing the accumulated water in these societies is going on. After draining the water, electricity supply to these societies will be started late at night after inspecting the power system. Until then, electricity consumers have been appealed to co-operate.