Enhanced Safety in Pune: Police Watch Towers to be Installed in Tulshibaug to Combat Crimes

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In an effort to create a safer environment for shoppers, Tulsibaug, a popular shopping destination in the heart of Pune, has introduced a police watch tower. This new initiative aims to curb small crimes and ensure the well-being of visitors.

With its vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of clothing and accessories, Tulsibaug attracts a large number of shoppers, particularly women. However, incidents of petty crimes have been reported in the area, prompting the Pune police and the Tulsibaug Merchants Association to collaborate on implementing various measures.

“The installation of a watch tower is one of our key initiatives to avert untoward incidents by providing a visible police presence,” stated Nitin Pandit, President of the Tulshibaug Association. This elevated structure will enable police officers to have an enhanced vantage point and monitor the area effectively.

 A local police official informed that the detailed meeting had taken place last week and based on that they had asked for necessary support for the police to curb small crimes. The meeting was attended by senior police officials and senior members of the merchant association.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the police, the association has established the Bhagini helpline. This initiative involves 10 dedicated volunteers whose contact details are prominently displayed. This helpline aims to assist visitors, particularly those who are not native to the area, by providing immediate support in case of emergencies or issues they may encounter. Additionally, the location of facilities such as toilets and feeding rooms will be clearly indicated, ensuring convenience for shoppers.

With the implementation of these proactive measures, Tulsibaug aims to create a more secure environment for its shoppers, foster trust among visitors, and encourage a thriving shopping experience in Pune’s bustling heart.