Ex BJP MLA Medha Kulkarni opposes Bal – Bharati Paud phata road citing ill effects on environment, supports residents

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Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Medha Kulkarni approached the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) commissioner regarding the proposed Balbharti – Paud Phata Road project, expressing concerns over its impact on the local environment.

Medha Kulkarni, who had previously represented the BJP as a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Kothrud constituency in Pune, recently met with the PMC commissioner Vikram Kumar to discuss the proposed Paud Road project. The project aims to widen and upgrade Paud Road, a prominent arterial road in Pune that connects the city to the western suburbs.

During her meeting with the PMC commissioner, Medha Kulkarni raised several concerns about the proposed project. She highlighted the potential threat to the local environment specially to Tekdis. She also expressed concerns about the potential tree cutting and loss of green cover, which could affect the city’s overall ecological balance.

Medha Kulkarni emphasised that “Instead of promoting public transport like Metro, such proposed road will promote not only private vehicles but also create bad impact on environment.’’

Medha Kulkarni further said that experts also commented that, this proposed road will create more traffic mess than to solve existing traffic issues.

She urged the PMC commissioner to conduct a comprehensive impact assessment and consider alternative solutions to minimise the adverse effects of the proposed project on the community and the environment.

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