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PMC cleaned up Sai Chowk footpath after Pune Pulse raised the issue

The residents had raised the issue with Pune Pulse who further voiced it to the PMC officials to clean it.

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has started cleaning the footpath near Sai Chowk in Balewadi as the residents had complained about the accumulated garbage dump not being cleaned for a long time. The residents had raised the issue with Pune Pulse who further voiced it to the PMC officials to clean it.

The PMC deployed a team of workers to remove the garbage and assured that the area will be kept clean in the future.Residents of the area have welcomed the move by the PMC, saying that the accumulation of garbage on the footpath had become a nuisance and a health hazard. The footpath, which is located in the busy commercial area, had become a breeding ground for pests and a source of unpleasant odours.

PMC cleaned Sai Chowk Footpath in Balewadi after Pune Pulse raised the issue

The PMC has assured residents that it will take steps to prevent the dumping of garbage on the footpath in the future, and will ensure that the area is kept clean and well-maintained. The corporation has also urged residents to co-operate by properly disposing off their waste and refraining from littering.

The cleaning of the Sai Chowk footpath is part of the PMC’s ongoing efforts to improve the city’s cleanliness and sanitation. The corporation has been working to implement various initiatives to reduce waste, promote recycling, and keep the city’s streets and public spaces clean.

“As far as cleanliness is concerned Smart City Balewadi is in a dismal state. We have been constantly following it up with the civic officials on this. Cleaning of footpaths and streets needs a proper system and monitoring. It’s high time they take this seriously and start working. Residents will be more than happy to help and work hand-in-hand, ” said Ameya Jagtap, a resident of Balewadi and member of United Balewadi Society.

When Pune Pulse spoke to Vijay Bhoir Chief Sanitary Inspector Aundh Division, PMC, he said, “We are trying to work on the spots where garbage is being dumped or which residents complain about. In future, we are also planning to solve garbage issues in residential areas. We have also instructed local area garbage pickers to look after it”.

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