Ganesh Visarjan Processions of Pune Ganpati To Take Place In Majestic Chariots & Palkhis

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Anant Chaturdashi marks the end of 10 days of Ganesh Utsav. This year the Anant Chaturdashi falls on September 28. Every year, all popular Ganpati mandals such as 5 ‘Maanache Ganpati’ of Pune, Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati & others are immersed with a grand celebration where the idols are taken for immersion in Chariots, Palkhis etc.

As per further information, following are the details of the grand Visarjan celebrations of 5 ‘Maanache Ganpati’ of Pune along with Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati:

·         Kasba Ganpati:

In order to reduce the time of the main immersion procession, Kasba Ganapati Mandal will try to shorten its procession every year. But though the procession is less, the same glory, the same splendor will be preserved. The procession will start at 10.30 am and three groups namely Ramanabag Prashala, Rudragarjana Dhol-Tasha Team and Kalawant Dhol-Tasha Team will participate. Nagarkhana, Prabhat Band, Kamayani Prashala and Bank of India will also participate.

·         Tambdi Jogeshwari:

The idol of Ganpati will be seated in a Silver Palkhi during the festivities at Jogeshwari Chowk. At 10.30 am the Mandal will participate in the main immersion procession from the Tilak statue. Nagaravadan by Satish Adhaav, Equestrian activists in traditional dress, New Gandharva Brass Band, Samarth Pratishthan, Shivamudra Dhol-Tasha Squad, Tal Dhol-Tasha Squad will participate in the procession. A special Shiva Rajyabhishek Ratha prepared by the Shivamudra Dhol-Tasha Team will also be presented in the procession.

·         Guruji Taalim:

The procession of Shri Mandal will take off from the attractive Floral Chariot with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ designed by Swapnil and Subhash Sarpale and Avinash Jindam. Jayant Nagarkar’s Nagaravadan, Gandharva Brass Band, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Sainik School Soldier Demonstration and Dhol-Tasha Band, Nadbrahma Dhol-Tasha Band and Nadbrahma Trust Dhol-Tasha Band will participate in this procession.

·         Tulshibaug Ganpati:

The Board will decorate the Mahakaal Chariot for the immersion procession. The chariot is 28 feet tall and the 12 feet high Mahakal Pinda decorated with flowers will be the attraction. As the height is limited, the board is going to use ‘hydraulic’ for the first time. A procession is going to be taken out just like the ride of Shri Mahakaleshwar from Ujjain. Aghori Maharaj of Ujjain will participate for that. Lonkar brothers’ Nagaravadan and Swarupvardhani, Gajalakshmi and Shiv Pratap musical groups will participate in the procession.

·         Kesari Wada Ganpati:

The idol will be seated in a traditional Pakhi decorated with colorful flowers. Bidve Bandhu’s nagara band, Shivamudra Dhol-Tasha Band, Sriram Dhol-Tasha Band and Rajamudra Dhol-Tasha Band will participate in the procession. Also, a live spectacle of ‘Lokmanya Tilak who inspired the Chapekar brothers’ will be presented by the History Lovers Mandal.

Alongwith the 5 Maanache Ganpati, the popular Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Trust also draws attention during the immerssion procession with its artistically designed chariot. 

·         Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati:

On Anant Chaturdashi, Thursday 28th September 2023, the Ganesh idol will depart from Dagdusheth Ganapati Temple at 4:00 PM in the splendid, divine, beautiful, enchanting, supernatural, wonderful ‘Shri Ganadhish’ Chariot adorned with picturesque illuminations.

Shreyas Vange

Podar Prep
Podar Prep