Tragic Death of Young Man Due To Excessive Loud Sound in Hinjewadi

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A terrible incident took place in Hinjewadi as, during the Ganesh immersion procession of Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals, a young man died due to very loud sound. It took place on Wednesday (27th September) night time.

As per further information, the young man’s name is Yogesh Sakhre and he was a member of Kranti Mitra Mandal. At 7 pm on 27th September, this group started the immersion procession. After that, for a long time, the extremely loud sound emitting from the music system continued playing.

The young man’s heart stopped beating due to this fatal sound and he died. After this incident, all circles had stopped their sounds. The Hinjewadi police, who arrived at the spot, have taken further action.

Shreyas Vange