Giripremi’s All Women team achieves ascent of Mount Sudarshan 6529 m

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First time in India, this feat of climbing Sudarshan by an all women team has been achieved.

Following the triumph of Mount Meru, the Giripremi’s ‘P-Cube Mount Sudarshan Expedition’, an all women team made history in the Indian mountaineering arena. The Garhwal Himalaya’s Mount Sudarshan, at an elevation of 6,529 meters, witnessed the successful ascent by the women’s team. 

This remarkable feat makes Giripremi’s women’s team the first such team from India. Expedition leader Smita Kariwadekar, on September 6th, at 12:45 PM, unfurled the Indian tricolor and the Maharashtra flag at the summit of Sudarshan.

Alongside, other members of the mission, including Purva Shinde, Padmaja Dhanvi, Sneha Gude, and Sneha Talwatkar, also reached heights of up to 6,200 meters. However, due to deteriorating weather conditions, they wisely decided to descend a few meters short from the summit, ensuring the safety of the team. Another team member Seema Pai climbed till the height of 5500m at Camp 1. 

Akhil Katkar a Giripremi’s experienced mountaineer, instructors from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Lale Thajil Poon, Munindar Rana, and Saurabh Kumar, as well as Gyalbo Sherpa, Satyapal, and Ankul supported the expedition’s logistics and administration. Out of which Poon, Gyalbo, Muninder Rana and Saurabh summited the peak along with the team.

Mount Sudarshan, located in the Gangotri region of the Garhwal Himalayas, is an extremely challenging peak, known for its continuous rockfalls, avalanches, and unpredictable weather. The establishment of Base Camp involved using techniques like Tyrolean traverses across rivers, ensuring the safety of the team during the expedition. The route to the summit is tough, with steep climbs and crevasses. The team made meticulous preparations and faced numerous obstacles to reach Base Camp, located at approximately 4,200 meters, beyond Gomukh, on the ‘Shvetvarn’ glacier. From there, they established Advance Base Camp, Camp 1, and Camp-2 before finally embarking on the challenging summit push.

The team had to overcome changing weather conditions, harsh terrain, and extreme altitudes, which made the final ascent to the summit on September 6th, taking almost 13-14 hours of relentless climbing. This achievement by the all-women team is the first successful ascent of Mount Sudarshan and a matter of immense pride for the entire nation and especially for women mountaineers.

Umesh Zirpe, a veteran mountaineer mentor of the expedition, stated, “The ascent of Mount Sudarshan is not only a physical and mental challenge but also involves dealing with the ever-changing weather conditions and treacherous terrain in the region. In the past several years, no one has attempted this route. The year-long preparation and hard work of the women’s team have borne fruit today, as we witness the successful ascent of Sudarshan.”

The P-Cube Enterprises, Parimal & Pramod Chaudhari Foundation, Namah Ropes, Praj Industries  also played a crucial role in the success of this mission, providing support, guidance, and resources. The trust and confidence they instilled, along with the training and assistance from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi, under the leadership of Colonel Anshuman Bhadoria and Major Dr. Deval Vajpayee, contributed significantly to the expedition’s success.

Giripremi’s female members have paved the way for women mountaineers to achieve exceptional skills, on par with their male counterparts. 

After Mount Gangotri-1 and Kangyatse-1 and 2, now they have added the glory of Sudarshan.This achievement on Mount Sudarshan is a source of immense joy and pride. The founder member of Giripremi Ushaprabha Page has been always instrumental in motivating women mountaineers for many years.

Ushaprabha Page said, “Women can match men in mountaineering skills and excel in various fields. The success of Sudarshan fills us with immense happiness and pride. The support from their families has been crucial in their journey.”

The preparations and hard work of the Giripremi women’s team, have led to this successful mission. The achievement of Mount Sudarshan is a testament to the capabilities of women mountaineers and marks a significant milestone in the field of Indian mountaineering.”