Goa : Trip To Dudhsagar Falls Turns Into Punishment For Tourists From Karnataka and Maharashtra

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South Western Railway advised people against walking along the tracks.

Personnel from the Goa police and forest department prevented several hundred visitors from walking on railway tracks to reach the beautiful Dudhsagar waterfall on Sunday, according to an official statement. 

The action was taken following a recent ban imposed by the Goa government on visiting waterfalls in the state, prompted by two tragic drowning incidents at the Mainapi waterfall in Sanguem taluka. 

The Dudhsagar waterfall, situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka, is currently inaccessible via the forest road due to the swollen rivers. Despite this, a significant number of visitors attempted to traverse the tracks of the South Western Railway line after disembarking at Collem station in South Goa. 

However, the police and forest department intervened and halted all visitors well before reaching the waterfall, ensuring their safety. It was estimated that the visitors were preparing to walk approximately 11 kilometers along the railway line to reach their destination.

In response to the incident, the South Western Railway issued a tweet urging people to refrain from walking along the tracks. They emphasized the importance of enjoying the breathtaking Dudhsagar Falls from the comfort and safety of the train, stating that walking on or along the tracks not only puts individuals at risk but also violates sections 147 and 159 of the Railway Act, potentially endangering train safety. 

Furthermore, the South Western Railway explicitly prohibited alighting at Dudhsagar or any other station along the Braganza Ghat. They appealed to passengers for their cooperation and adherence to the established rules designed to ensure their safety. De-boarding at Dudhsagar or any other station along the Braganza Ghat is prohibited. All passengers are requested to co-operate & follow rules laid down for your own safety. 

It further stated that Trekking along the tracks is dangerous and also a punishable offence under Railways Act, and is not to be encouraged.

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