Good news for Pune residents : Smart signal technology for enhanced traffic management at Hinjewadi now

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Well known for traffic chaos, the Wakad area near Hinjewadi, a IT and business hub in Pune, may now have a little relief from traffic congestions. The traffic division has taken a significant step and introduced smart signal technology in the Vinode Vasti area. 

The technology also aims to revolutionize traffic flow and improve the overall commuter experience. 

Unlike traditional traffic signals, the smart signal system utilizes real-time data and continuously monitors various factors such as vehicular flow, pedestrian activity, and other essential parameters influencing traffic patterns. This adaptive technology adjusts signal timing based on the changing traffic scenarios, ensuring a smooth flow of vehicles and minimizing congestion.

A senior police official, Sunil Pinjan, traffic police department Wakad said, “In a bid to alleviate traffic congestion on the Wakad-Hinjewadi route, a one-way system has been implemented. As part of this initiative, a smart signal system has been installed at Vinode Vasti, resulting in noticeably smoother traffic flow. The outcomes of the smart signal system have been highly promising, prompting considerations for its citywide implementation in the near future.’’

One of the prominent features of the smart signal system is its ability to prioritize specific modes of transport. It gives priority to buses, emergency vehicles, and pedestrians, thereby optimizing travel for public transport users and ensuring smoother traffic flow.

Regular commuters in the area and residents are hoping for effective results. According to residents though the system has been installed just now it will take time to see the exact results. 

“However, we have noticed positive results. Unlike traditional signals where we have to wait for the green light, the smart signal turns green instantly, saving valuable time during the commute,” informed the official.