Pune : 87 unauthorised hoardings pose threat to public safety in Pune district, reveals recent report

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Pune :  The proliferation of unapproved hoardings in urban and rural regions has raised concerns as an overwhelming 1,370 hoardings have been identified as unauthorized in Pune’s rural areas alone. A recent report from the district administration has disclosed that 87 of these hoardings pose a significant threat to public safety.

The issue of security regarding these unauthorized billboards has gained prominence as massive hoardings, weighing between 2 to 3 tons, have been erected on buildings and open spaces, facing vital squares and roads. Tragically, a recent incident involving the collapse of an unauthorized hoarding during a storm resulted in the loss of lives. 

Despite this tragedy, both the authorities and business owners appear oblivious to the associated risks.

According to the report, out of the total 1,440 hoardings in the Pune district, a mere 27 have received authorization. These authorized hoardings are predominantly located in the talukas of Ambegaon (1), Baramati (21), and Mulshi (5). Shockingly, the remaining 1,370 hoardings are unauthorized, and only 23 of them have undergone structural audits. This leaves a considerable number of 1,230 hoardings with undetermined structural integrity, casting doubts on their safety. Disturbingly, the report identifies 87 of these unauthorized hoardings as hazardous, posing a significant risk of accidents.

The report’s alarming statistics demand urgent attention from both authorities and the business community. Immediate measures need to be implemented to address the escalating number of unauthorized hoardings and safeguard public safety. It is crucial for the administration to conduct thorough structural audits of all hoardings and take necessary steps to remove those that endanger the public.

Ayush Prasad, Pune Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer said, “Pune ZP has decided to implement a plan related to these hoardings.We have studied the issue in detail  and circular related to same will be released soon.”

Ayush Prasad told that, we have received instructions from gurdian minister to take action against all illegal hoardings and according to which we have conducted this inspection related to the same. 

Ensuring the well-being of citizens must remain the highest priority, necessitating collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to rectify this pressing issue. Failure to respond promptly could result in further unfortunate incidents, endangering innocent lives.

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