Google launches wallet app in India for document storage

Google launches wallet app in India for document storage

Google launches wallet app in India for document storage

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Google India has announced the release of its Wallet app on May 8, offering users a platform to store digital travel tickets, gift cards, and event passes in one convenient location.

Key Points 

• Google India has launched Google Wallet for all Android users

• The app allows users to store and retrieve digital documents

• The company has partnered with 20 Indian brands for the launch

However, unlike its counterpart in markets like the US, the Indian version of the Wallet app does not currently support payment features such as saving debit or credit cards for tap-to-pay transactions.

Clarifying its strategy, Google stated that the Google Pay app will remain a separate platform dedicated solely to payments. This differs from the approach taken in several other countries where wallet and payment functionalities are integrated into a single app.

The Google Wallet app, now available for all Android users in India, enables users to securely store and retrieve digital documents. Google has partnered with 20 prominent Indian brands, including PVR, INOX, Air India, Flipkart, and Pine Labs, among others, for the launch. The company plans to expand its partner network in the future.

With Google Wallet, users can conveniently access various documents, including movie and event tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and public transport tickets, directly from their Android devices. 

While the Google Pay app remains the go-to destination for payment-related activities, Google Wallet aims to enhance the Android experience in India by offering seamless document management capabilities.