Green Pune : NGOs in Pune engage young people in environment conservation on World Earth Day

April 22 is celebrated as World Earth Day all throughout the globe. It’s not just a celebration of what mother nature gives us but also a symbol of our responsibility as humans towards environmental protection. It is a symbol of resistance against climate change and environmental deterioration. Started in 1970 by UNESCO, the movement has grown to spread in more than 190 countries supported by around a billion participants. This 53rd year, the event has taken the motto of Invest in our Planet.

Pune’s environmental NGOs have been investing in the planet and city for a long time now. With a common goal of environmental conservation, they lay emphasis on spreading awareness about environmental issues and our ecological duties. With a special focus on the youth, the idea is to promote sustainability amongst those who are the future of the country and the world.

Anandvan Foundation, founded by Praveen Kumar Anand, is holding a special event on the 22nd to celebrate Earth Day as well as inaugurate the Anandvan Dense Forest (ADF), a highly dense urban forest within the space of 2000 sq. feet that makes it accommodative of corporate, society and school spaces. Anandvan Foundation is widely recognized for its effort towards creating urban forests in the city. This initiative of ADF too, with the help of the CSR funding from Air Products India is a modern solution for the rapid increase of urbanization and industrialisation in the city that has left us gasping for cleaner and greener spaces.

RFO Mukesh Sanas from the Forest of Pune too will attend this event. Praveen Kumar Anand in conversation with Pune Pulse said that their efforts are specially catered towards increasing the water table of the city- the basic requirement for any kind of ecological flourishment. Through these urban forests, they are introducing entire ecosystems capable of supporting and vitalizing human life. The event will also hold Environment Training Programs for students, principals and teachers alike for the foundation believes that the children today represent our last hopes for mother nature. Mr Anand pointed out how more than ten people in the state have died of a heat stroke already, and how many alarm bells this news rings.

The Environment Conservation Association in Pune, ever since its foundation in 2011 has been constantly recognized for its diligent work towards promoting sustainability in underdeveloped sections of society. It has fulfilled numerous projects in remote areas in and around Pune that range from cleaning drives in schools to introducing solar power in villages. Founded by the late Mr Vikas Patil, ECA is focused on spreading awareness about ecological problems as well as resolving them. Now headed by Chairperson Vineeta Date, the organization has come a long way in matters of cleanliness, plantation drives, segregation of waste, renewable energy, etc.

Through CSR funding by ICICI Foundation, Bitwise Foundation, etc. ECA has worked in a variety of environmental protection initiatives in underdeveloped areas- be it composting stations, solar lighting systems, rainwater harvesting systems, etc.

Date says that they especially bring together college students and volunteers because they are our future and hope, who are much more receptive to calls for change than their seniors. ECA has collaborated with many colleges- Indira College, COEP, AISSMS, etc. They are supported by a proud team of more than 200 student volunteers.

By introducing renewable resources and ecosystems on a basic level, these organizations are implementing sustainable practices in the most underdeveloped parts of the nation- telling us just how easy it will be to expand the same in other cities and towns as well. Holding events in various schools and colleges encourages the youth to join them as volunteers and help in whatever way possible as well as realize the huge responsibility they carry towards the earth. This Earth Day, let’s relook over our past actions and do better, for mother earth deserves better.

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Shriya Simran Pradhan

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