Green Valley Unique Marathon to be held on March 12

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Pandemic taught all of us the true value of social bonding and physical & mental fitness as main values for society. Residents of Green Valley have internalized these values beyond pandemic days and is now taking it to a new level – together and voluntarily.

The society residents have organized a “Green Valley Unique Marathon” on 12 of March, Sunday. This will consist of 3 exciting events 1) Senior Citizen special: 1 or 2 kms walk 2) Amateur & Young Ones special: 5 kms walking or jogging & 3) Enthusiastic special: 10 kms jogging or running. Mental & physical health cautious residents have overwhelmingly embraced the challenge and around 90 registrations completed within 24 hours of WhatsApp fueled initiative. All without any advertising, sponsorship or active pursuance. Participants are catering to age groups from 12 to 85 and majority of participants are girls and women.

On 12th March morning will see more than 100 participants – aided by 20-odd volunteers pushing themselves to achieve fun, fitness and raise awareness among citizens of area – starting from Green Valley Gate and Ending at same place, inhaling cool morning breezes via Wanavadi Bazar, Command Hospital, Bishop School and Modelina Road.

This event will not only unlock brother/sister-hood among Green Valley residents in a deep manner, but will also improve health consciousness and social harmony among all residents of Wanavadi area. The marathon is coordinated by Ravi Punjabi and Ashesh Dave with support of Green Valley’s fitness conscious residents.