Guardian Minister reveals Mula-Mutha river rejuvenation project logo

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Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil revealed the loge of the Mula-Mutha rejuvenation project on January 2nd. The mascot has been named ‘Puneri Kaka’. 

The website has been created to provide information about the various competitions to be held in connection with the project. 
Some of the major objectives for the project are to de-pollute the river, reduce the risk of flooding, create public spaces along the river, retain water in the river, and improve access to the river. integrate historic structures, parks and existing spaces. 

An ‘Experience Center’ will be opened for the benefit of those who would want to know more about the project. Various competitions like reels, photography, emojis, memories, drawing competitions for school students will be organized. All these activities will be carried through the social media page of ‘Puneri’. Information will also be available on the website.

Mangesh Dighe, environmental department officer, PMC said that various activities to spread awareness about the project will also be conducted. 

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