High tension cables on NIBM Undri road to be laid underground

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After the widening of NIBM – Undri road, the high tension cables on the road posed as a great risk for many. Be it pedestrians as well as motorists. For the past two years, these high tension cable poles led to several accidents.

Pune Pulse too in the last many years had raised the issue of these poles posing as a great risk to motorists. Even after installing blinker near Konark Imperial Tower, the poles continued to be a big threat. The residents of NIBM – Undri road too complained about it often to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) as well as local Corporator Nanda Lonkar, Prabhag 26 NIBM Kausarbaugh Mohamadwadi of Pune Municipal Corporation informing her the risk posed by these poles.

In the last one and half year, sufficient funds to carry out the work to lay the cables underground were not available. Two months ago, in the recently held meeting, budget was sanctioned to complete the work. Hence, on September 11, 2021, foundation to carry out the work was laid at the hands of Chetan Tupe, MLA, Hadapsar Constituency, Prashant Jagtap, president, Nationalist Congress Party, Pune, Rakesh Kamthe, Haji Gafoor Pathan, members of NIBM Road Residents Forum, NIBM – Undri road Association, Anandvan Parisar Residents Forum, residents of Konark Indrayu Enclave I and II, Clover Highlands, Chandana Garden, Dhunjeebhoy Sanas society, Clover Pinnacle Ridge and many others were present.

Nanda Lonkar said that this was one of the major development work to be carried in the ward. These poles often posed great risk for motorists. But now these cables would be laid underground and the problem would be resolved. She further said that an additional street light are being installed on the road to illuminate the road and provide security to the local residents.

Parveen Tambe, a resident of Natraj Enclave said this is just one step towards making our road secured and safe for the residents. Laying the cables underground and installing new street lights will add more illumination to the road.

Chetan Tupe, MLA Hadapsar constituency said, “I have been closely analysing the work being done in my ward and I am happy to see that Nanda Lonkar has certainly worked hard in developing the area. Express water line, gardens, gyms and now this work of laying overhead cables underground shall definitely help the citizens to drive without any obstacle.”

Prashant Jagtap corporator Prabhag 25 said, “NIBM ward has changed drastically in the one decade. This is due to the participation of the residents too. There are several such instrumental projects that will be delivered by Nanda Lonkar in the near future.”

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