Hinjewadi – Shivaji Nagar Metro : Pune Metro Line 3 starts removal of barricades on Baner Balewadi road

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Pune, 28 April 2023 : The work of Pune Metro Line 3 on the Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar route is progressing rapidly. On various sections across the Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar Metro route, the pier erection, girder installation, and viaduct work have been largely completed. Hence, the metro developers and traffic planning authorities have now begun to gradually remove the barricades. As a result, the roads of Balewadi – Baner have started taking a sigh of relief once again.

After the construction of this route, barricades were installed on both sides of the road from the initial stage, which narrowed the roads. As a result, the residents who travel regularly faced problems such as traffic jams on these roads. These barricades are necessary to prevent the heavy construction of the metro from interfering with road traffic and to ensure the safety of the workers as well as commuters. Out of the total planning of 23862 RMT barricading, 20,061 running meters of barricading have been done since the commencement of work on the 23.3 km stretch from Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar.

The work of Hinjewadi Metro is progressing across three sections – Man to Balewadi (Section One), Balewadi to Vidyapeeth Chowk (Section Two), and Pune University Circle to Shivajinagar civil court (Section Three). Out of this, the metro construction has been substantially completed in sections one and two. Barricades are being removed wherever the piers have been erected and the girders are on top. The removal of barricades from Balewadi Stadium to Ram Nadi area and from Baner Phata to Abhimanashree area has started with the intention to facilitate daily commuters by speeding up the regular road traffic and avoiding traffic congestion as far as possible.

Along with this, where the work is in progress, it is being seen how the width of the barricades can be reduced to make the road more open for traffic. The width of the barricades has been reduced by a couple of meters at NICMAR as well as at Cosmos Bank junction on Ganeshkhind Road. These barricades will also be removed as soon as the construction of piers and girders here is completed and the traffic will be greatly eased soon.

Prosy barricades preserved Puneri characteristics : 

“The barricades otherwise are nothing but just a block of cement and steel. However, every barricade of the Hinjewadi – Shivajinagar Metro has been specially worked on. The humorous ‘Puneri Paati’ painted on these barricades is seen to be bringing a smile to the face of the commuters even if they are facing the heat of the sun while standing at the traffic signal. along with this, images and messages underlining the rich cultural-educational heritage of Pune, the development achieved through the IT Parks, are noticeable and commendable. Four prominent concepts (themes) have been decided for the barricades of Pune Metro Line 3: Education, Agriculture, IT, and Cultural. From these concepts, the pictures that tell the characteristics of Pune and the interesting messages that reveal the unique ‘Puneriness’ have been revealed,” informed Neha Pandit, Business Head and Director of Pune IT City Metro Rail Limited.