How Pune Police’s 60-hour operation unravels massive drug trafficking syndicate

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In a relentless 60-hour operation, Pune city police successfully dismantled one of the largest drug trafficking networks, conducting raids across multiple locations in Pune. The breakthrough came after meticulous planning and swift action, with the initial 60 hours proving pivotal in disrupting the drug syndicate. Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar emphasized the urgency of the situation, highlighting the swift mobilization of resources and coordinated measures to tackle the escalating narcotics issue in the region.

The operation began when Constable Vitthal Salunkhe intercepted a car and arrested suspect Vaibhav Mane, discovering 500 grams of MD worth ₹1 crore during a search. The interrogation of Mane and Ajay Karosia revealed their involvement in illegal drug activities. Subsequent technical analysis, including CCTV footage and details from the intercepted car, led to the identification of additional suspects.

By the evening of February 19, police raided a godown in Vishrantwadi, seizing 55 kg of MD and arresting Haidar Sheikh. Further analysis of Sheikh’s mobile phone uncovered photographs of factory units producing MD. On February 20, a raid on a MIDC Kurkumbh factory yielded over 664 kg of MD worth ₹1,327 crore, and the factory owner, Bhimaji Sable, was apprehended. Sable provided information about Yuvraj Bhujbal, who was arrested in Mumbai for providing technical support to the factory.

In-depth interrogations of Bhujbal and Sable revealed that substantial quantities of drugs manufactured were sent to Delhi for further smuggling to other countries. A police team swiftly travelled to Delhi, where raids in the south extension area led to the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of 970 kg of MD.

The comprehensive operation showcased the Pune Police’s determination to curb drug trafficking and dismantle criminal networks operating in the city and its surroundings.