Hrithik Roshan Reflects on Strength Amidst Injury, Challenges Stereotypes

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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, currently starring in the film Fighter, recently suffered a muscle injury and shared a picture of himself on crutches. Reflecting on the concept of strength, he addressed the societal perception of “Men are strong” in a thoughtful note.

Hrithik began by recounting an incident with his grandfather, who, despite needing a wheelchair due to an injury, refused to use it to maintain the perception of strength. He expressed sadness at the need to project strength outwardly while dealing with internal fear and embarrassment.

The actor acknowledged the virtue in the conditioning that men are strong, akin to the mentality of a soldier. However, he criticized the idea that soldiers, or anyone, should refuse assistance like crutches or a wheelchair to preserve the illusion of strength. Hrithik emphasized that true strength lies in being relaxed, composed, and fully aware that external aids or vulnerabilities don’t diminish the inner strength.

He concluded by sharing the metaphorical aspect of his message, stating that the crutches represent a larger conversation. The motivational note received love from family members, including his father Rakesh Roshan, and cousin Pashmina Roshan, along with well-wishes from colleagues like Varun Dhawan and Tiger Shroff.