Incomplete road work near Nancy Tower irks residents

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The Pune Municipal Corporation had dug up the road from Nancy Tower to Bhairoba nullah to lay sewage line. But even after two months when the work is over, the road has not been resurfaced. The local residents, mainly senior citizens find it difficult to walk in the area as well as drive motorbikes. It is also leading to traffic congestion in the area.

A letter was submitted to the Pune Municipal Corporation by Sahil Kedari, vice president, OBC cell, Maharashtra State asking for early completion of the road which is causing inconvenience. Kedari informed that PMC should complete the resurfacing work at the earliest as the Wanowrie area is mainly used by senior citizens for walking. Since this patch of the road in unlevelled, they find it risky and also inconvenient.

Kiran Kalshetty, junior engineer, road department, PMC informed that the PMC’s plant needed for road work is closed. As soon as the plant is opened, the resurfacing will be done on priority. Last week when the vehicle had come there were four wheelers parked in the area due to which the work could not be carried out.

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