Indian Cricket Team, Stranded in Barbados, Expected to Return Home on Wednesday Night

Indian Cricket Team, Stranded in Barbados, Expected to Return Home on Wednesday Night

Indian Cricket Team, Stranded in Barbados, Expected to Return Home on Wednesday Night

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Life-threatening winds and storms lashed Barbados and nearby islands on Monday, prompting a lockdown across the country, which has a population of nearly 300,000, since Sunday evening.

The T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team, along with their support staff, BCCI officials, and players’ families, might return home Tuesday evening after being stranded in Barbados for two days due to Hurricane Beryl. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced that the airport is expected to be operational within the next six to 12 hours.

Barbados has been in lockdown since Sunday evening following the life-threatening winds and storms brought by Hurricane Beryl. The category 4 hurricane caused significant damage to coastal infrastructure. The Indian cricket team found themselves unable to leave after securing a seven-run victory over South Africa on Saturday to win the title.

PM Mia Mottley has been actively overseeing relief operations and expressed optimism about resuming normal airport operations shortly. “We hope, and we’re working towards later today. I don’t want to speak in advance of it, but I’ve literally been in touch with the airport personnel and they’re doing their last checks now and we want to resume normal operations as a matter of urgency,” Mottley told PTI.

The disruption has affected many plans, with people intending to leave either late last night, today, or tomorrow morning. “There are a number of people who were due to leave late last night or today or tomorrow morning. And we want to make sure that we can facilitate those persons, so I would anticipate that within the next six to 12 hours that the airport will be open,” she said.

Prime Minister Mottley also expressed hope that the Indian team, who have remained at their hotel since winning the title, are in high spirits despite the circumstances. “I’m sure that in spite of the passage of the hurricane, that they would have been in a very, very, very good mood and spirit after winning in the manner that they won on Saturday. I think they will be floating on air for a little time,” she commented.

While the hurricane spared Barbados’ mainland from direct impact, the nearby islands and coastal areas suffered from severe weather. “(We have) been working to ensure that everyone is safe in Barbados, Barbadians and all of the visitors, of course, who came for the cricket World Cup. We were very blessed that the storm did not come on land. The hurricane was 80 miles south of us, which limited the level of damage onshore. But as you can see, we’ve had coastal infrastructure, and coastal assets have been badly damaged,” Mottley said.

The Prime Minister emphasized the pressing need for recovery and cleanup efforts. The timeframe for the Indian team to leave is tight, with another hurricane forecasted to arrive on Wednesday. The Indian team’s victory marked the end of an 11-year ICC title drought, adding to their jubilant spirits despite being temporarily stranded in Barbados.