Indians among youngest buyers of Lamborghini, says CEO

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Stephan Winkelmann, the global CEO of Lamborghini, has revealed that Indians are among the youngest buyers of luxury sports cars, specifically Lamborghinis, with the majority of buyers in India being under the age of 40. 

This demographic trend sets Indian buyers apart from those in developed economies, such as the US, where the typical age range for buyers is between 40 and 45. 

Despite Lamborghini’s relatively low sales of 103 cars in India in 2023, compared to a global total of 10,000 units, Winkelmann emphasized the enormous potential the country holds, citing the significant awareness and growing knowledge of the brand among Indian consumers. 

Additionally, a unique trend noted is that many Indians are not only purchasing Lamborghinis within the country but are also acquiring them for their residences in the UK, America, Dubai, and Southeast Asia. 

The CEO highlighted that Indian buyers exhibit similar levels of demand for personalization as their Western counterparts, with Lamborghini offering a wide range of options for customization. 

While Lamborghini experienced a period of strong post-Covid demand, often referred to as “revenge buying” in the luxury segment, Winkelmann noted that the rush may have subsided, but demand remains robust, with waiting periods of 18-24 months globally. 

The CEO also pointed out a shift in customer behavior, indicating a greater willingness to experience and drive sports cars compared to previous apprehensions about such vehicles. 

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamborghini stands in a strong position globally, with high demand and a waiting list for new cars.

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