International Left-handers’ Day celebrated on August 13 in Pune

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The Association of Left-handers, Pune, India had organised worldwide programmes to celebrate the International Left-handers’ Day on 13th August, 2022. The programmes were planned with the participation of the members of the Association and in collaboration with other organisations & groups working for the same cause in India and other countries.
The programmes are planned between 10 August to 30 September as per the convenience of the local schools.

“We wish to spread the word and invite more national and international schools and other organisations or institutes across the world to join hands in creating awareness about the use of everyone’s left hand, ” said Bipinchandra Chaugule, President Association of Left-handers, Pune.

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The main emphasis of these programmes is to make the teachers, trainers, instructors and the parents of all children (both left and right handed) that use of left hand for any activity including eating, writing, playing and religious rituals is perfectly normal, natural and healthy. Forcing any child or adult to switch their hand from strong to weak or dominant to non-dominant, affects the person’s mental and physical well-being for life. The programmes will also have lectures, demonstrations and audio-visual presentations about the difficulties faced by left-handers in school and work-place. Along with physical programmes some online events are also organised this time.

In Maharashtra, the programmes will be held in Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Budgam (Kashmir), Bhuj (Gujarat), Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Hyderabad (Telangana), Kasaragod (Kerala) and a few other places.Internationally programme shall be held at Muscat (Oman), Houston (USA), Vancouver (Canada), Rio (Brazil), London & Birmingham (UK), Sydney (Australia), Honeydew (South Africa), Beijing (China), Lusaka (Zambia), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Dodoma (Tanzania), Abuja (Nigeria) and a few others.

For more details he can be contacted on 9822522134.