IPL 2024: Sidhu makes comeback to commentary

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In an interview, former Indian cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu shared his insights on T20 cricket, the upcoming ICC World Cup, and his return to commentary. Sidhu emphasized the significance of the IPL in setting the tone for the World Cup, noting that it provides players with an opportunity to secure a spot in the T20 World Cup, including veterans like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. He expressed confidence in the value that experienced batters like Kohli and Sharma bring to the T20 squad, highlighting their fitness, technical prowess, and adaptability across formats. 

However, Sidhu also acknowledged the importance of considering fitness levels, particularly with advancing age, referencing examples like Virender Sehwag’s declining reflexes. Reflecting on India’s recent performance in the ODI World Cup, Sidhu remained optimistic about their future dominance in cricket, attributing it to a conducive system for nurturing talent. 

He noted the emergence of new talents like Hardik Pandya, signalling a shift in leadership dynamics within teams. Regarding the wicket-keeper batter’s slot for the World Cup squad, Sidhu emphasized prioritizing superior keeping skills over batting prowess. As he prepared for his commentary comeback, Sidhu expressed his enthusiasm for returning to his “first love,” cricket commentary, likening it to a fish taking to water. 

Despite facing turbulent phases in his life, Sidhu credited his mental fortitude and ability to switch on and off for navigating challenges. Reflecting on his career transition from cricket to commentary, Sidhu recalled the satisfaction derived from his unique style of commentary, earning him the moniker of “Sidhuism” and lucrative opportunities in the entertainment world. 

However, he emphasized that his motivation was never driven by financial gain but rather by the joy of his work.

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